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Htx Kids Hoodies


Represent H-Town and its bike culture! I'm a casual cyclist, born and raised in the great city of Houston, TX. About 2 years ago, I had an apartment along Buffalo Bayou Park, and would often take a pedestrian bridge over Memorial Drive, into the park. Every time I crossed the bridge, I noticed this design painted onto the concrete below me. One day, I decided to take a good photo of it, and meticulously isolate the design in Photoshop in a way that preserves exactly the way the white & red paint looked on the concrete. I figured maybe I could make a shirt out of it. Well, I never did anything with it, until now. I recently found a shirt that I wanted on Teepublic (Futurama). When I read about how this site works, a light went off. I decided to put this design up here and let other cyclists from my city have a chance to represent. If you've seen this art while biking around Houston, it's your culture—rep it.

Tags: bicycling, bicyle, biking, bike, texas

I Bike HTX Kids Hoodie

by adaminer

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