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Indian Food Kids Hoodies


The classic Christmas saying with a curry-spicy-twist. This loveable chilli pepper character is bold and colourful and presented with a delightful arrangement of festive words.

Tags: xmas, thanksgiving, christmas-design, indian-curry, vindaloo

Tags: curry, indian-food, curry-rice, keep-calm-and-carry-on, keep-calm

Keep Calm and Curry On Kids Hoodie

by PrettyGhoul
$36 $30

Curry Ninja. Ninja curry design for curry, spicy food and martial art fans. Unique artwork with original ninja doing a flying kick from a wok of curry. Complete with naan bread and peppers for extra spice. Are you a ninja when it comes to curries? Then this design is the one for you.

Tags: chili-pepper, curry-design, tindaloo, spicy, thai-food

Curry Ninja Kids Hoodie

by propellerhead
$36 $30

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