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Karateka Kids Hoodies

Tags: video-games, gaming, retro, video-game, retrogaming

Karateka Kids Hoodie

by vhzc

A crest to symbolize my life dedicated to Karate. The flower blossom when the three hearts are unified; Zanshin, the state of awareness Mushin, the state of no mind Fudoshin, the state of immovable The katanas represent the three basic weapons of karate; punches, kick & throw, in a rotating manner that we should be flexible in our ways. Each swing of the katana shall originate from the heart.

Tags: fudoshin, mushin, zanshin, bushido, katana


Watch out. Solving problems my way.

Tags: karate, fight, struggle, battle, fighter


Funny statement on a tee shirt makes a day to anyone anytime! This shirt was made to make you and your friends smile and enjoy this Karate shirt 24/7. Cool shirt for your love or best friend who is a true Karate enthusiast. Passionate Karate lover gift.

Tags: karate-kick, karate-time, karate-kid, karate-coaches, karate-clothing


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