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Kitagawa Kids Hoodies


Collab with Kolaholismi, uploaded with their permission.

Tags: persona, yusuke, kitagawa, shin-megami-tensei

Yusuke Kitagawa Kids Hoodie

by koomalaama
$36 $30

Tags: persona3, ann-takamaki, arsene, yusuki-kitagawa, persona-3

Take your time Kids Hoodie

by Katiekatcw
$36 $30

tiny painterfox willing to paint for good food

Tags: yusuke-kitagawa, p5, animal, fox, atlus

Inari Kids Hoodie

by ZioCorvid
$36 $30
Main Tag

Tags: masks, yusuke-kitagawa, yuki, video-games, atlus

Fox Kids Hoodie

by mikoto
$36 $30

Tags: persona-3, bloody, coo, anime, red

PERSONA 5 Kids Hoodie

by hoheho
$36 $30

wanted for stealing hearts

Tags: akira-kurusu, protagonist, phantom-thieves-of-hearts, the-phantom, joker

Most Wanted Kids Hoodie

by CoinboxTees
$36 $30

This is my design "I Am Thou, Thou Art I" based on one of my favourite videogames saga. Hope you like it!

Tags: persona-4, shin-megami-tensei, protagonist, igor, goro-akechi

Tags: cat, japan, japanese, shin-megami-tensei, otaku

Persona 5 Kids Hoodie

by Falitroke
$36 $30

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