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Lakota Kids Hoodies


It was a dark and stormy night at Camp Lakota...

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Camp Lakota Kids Hoodie

by MikeSolava

Artistic portrait of the Lakota Sioux warrior and war leader Crazy Horse, based on a historical photograph of the Native American hero. He led his people in numerous battles against rival tribes and the US Army, and eventually died a martyr, of a bayonet wound.Great fighters in American history, Native American brave and courageous warriors Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, etc, Lakota Sioux people in their struggle against the US Government Proud warrior hero in the history of the Native American struggle against the United States government and military to keep their way of life, the legends of Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, live on.

Tags: geronimo-native-american-tribe-leader, geronimo-native, crazy-horse, geronimo, chief-joseph-native-american-tribe-leader


Native American Dream Catcher, composed by a wooden hoop, with Rainbow Colors Feathers, beads and other colorful Ornaments.

Tags: art, dreamcatcher, native-american, native, ethnic


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