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Leto Kids Hoodies


Mega man, Mega man! are you hurt???

Tags: robot, nintendo, pop-culture, colorful, videogames

Mega Damage Kids Hoodie

by BCArtDesign

Tags: drug, leto, jared, meth, dreams

Requiem For A Dream Kids Hoodie

by SaverioOste

Tags: joker, harley, quinn, dead, shot

Tags: jaredleto, jared leto, 30second to mars, music, portrait

Jared Kids Hoodie

by the12

2016 fan art version of the joker from the suicide squad movie. Side profile of the joker laughing and looking away.

Tags: harley-quinn, joker-actor, joker-2016, the-new-joker, the-joker

Tags: suicide squad, man-of-steel, justice-league, superman, dark-knight

Tags: jared-leto, suicide, squad, suicide-squad, heath-ledger

Tags: heath ledger, batman begins, dark knight rises, the dark knight, dark knight

joker smile Kids Hoodie

by zoturner


Tags: hahaha, joker, suicide-squad, harley-quinn, deadshot

HaHaHa Kids Hoodie

by Yiannis

Cesar, Jack, Heath, and Jared get together to plot against their common foe.

Tags: jack-nicholson, heath ledger, suicide squad, dc, the-dark-knight

We Kill the Bat! Kids Hoodie

by joshthecartoonguy

Tags: geek, nerd, jaredleto, the-joker, joker

Joker Leto Kids Hoodie

by Clown

30 seconds to mars is an okay band, but not something I would want to listen to if I had options.

jared leto Kids Hoodie

by HolmesIsMissing

Tags: comic, armor, superheroes, nightwing, dick-grayson

Tags: broken, stone, breakdancing, selling, weather

Tags: dawn-of-justice, superman, jaredleto, joker, suicide-squad

JOKER LETO Kids Hoodie

by k4k7uz

Tags: the-joker, joker, gotham, joker-heath-ledger, joker-products


No spoilers, you must read Frank Herbert's wonderful Dune series in order to truly appreciate this character. For all the Dune fans out there, let the spice flow!

Tags: science-fiction, dune, frank-herbert, mutant, spice

God Emperor Leto II Kids Hoodie

by ez_animeluvr

Tags: jared-leto, deadshot

Main Tag

Tags: suicide-squad, squad, suicide, joker, the-joker

Suicide Bart Kids Hoodie

by NemiMakeit
Main Tag

Tags: jared-leto, jared, leto, actor, batman

Joker - Damaged Kids Hoodie

by Vhitostore
Main Tag

In reference to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmWDb_bMno0

Tags: jared-leto, jaredleto, that-deer-is-my-friend, deer-friend


by SallySparrow

I feel a special bond with this song.

Tags: lyrics, bands, jared-leto, 30-seconds-to-mars

living my life Kids Hoodie

by oharadesigns

Tags: dc comics, halftone, grunge, splatter, horror


Inspired by the newspaper headline in the film Urban Legend.

Tags: 90s, slasher, legends, jared-leto, parka


Suicide Squad The joker

Tags: suicide, jared-leto, squad, dc-comics, joker


Design for my love of the Joker and all the people that have been him and who are about to be him.

Tags: joker, the-joker, the-dark-knight, jack-nicholson, heath-ledger

Jokers Kids Hoodie

by dannyhaas

Insanely adorable

Tags: jared-leto, mash-up, little-miss, mr, parody

Mr Laughs Kids Hoodie

by TopNotchy

Why so serious?

Tags: squad, sucide, quinn, harley, nicholson


Laugh tattoo of Jared Letos' joker from "Suicide Squad" movie.

Tags: dark-knight, harley-quinn, the-dark-knight, villain, jared

Tags: the-joker, gotham, dc-comic, jared-leto, jared-leto-joker

Joker Kids Hoodie

by dmitryb1

Abbey Road mashup

Tags: batman, jack-nicholson, cesar-romero, heath-ledger, jared-leto

HAHAHA-Road Kids Hoodie

by RCelis

Tags: jared-leto, jared, leto, actor, 2015

Tags: suicide-squad, jared-leto, suicide, harlequin, jokerandharley

Tags: the-joker, gotham-city, dc-comic, dccomics, jared-leto-joker

Mr. J Kids Hoodie

by iampoolboy

Tags: comics, movies, the-joker, jared-leto, sucide-squad

Damaged Squad Kids Hoodie

by AndreusD

Tags: jared-leto-joker, jared-leto, gotham-city, joker-quotes, justice-league


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