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Louis Tully Kids Hoodies


Why don't you have a ShasteenFrey t-shirt, it's at room temperature! Wear it and dance, see if other people will join in. Okay, who brought the dog? "Stealing the Scene" is a series of tees from ShasteenFrey, featuring a moment you know from a film you know. Y'know? book available here: http://theillustrator.bigcartel.com/category/books

Tags: louis-tully, zeddemore, spengler, dana, stantz


by ShasteenFrey

Janine joins the boys with the retro animation look!

Tags: ghostbusters, 1980s, janine

RGB Janine Kids Hoodie

by tdotbabs

Tags: ghostbusters

ECTO 1A Kids Hoodie

by TommyTomDesigns

Tags: slimer, louis-tully, zuul, stay-puft-marshmallow-man, walt-disney

The Keymaster Kids Hoodie

by weLOVEkatamari

Uncle Sam and Ghostbusters mashup.

Tags: you, funny, zuul, rick-moranis, awesome


a zootopia/ghostbuster mashup

Tags: zootopia, pop-culture, funny, crossovers, zootopia-mashup

Zuultopia Kids Hoodie

by BoggsNicolas

In the beginning, there was no Dana...only Zuul.

Tags: zeddemore, stanz, venkman, spengler, tully

The Creation of Zuul Kids Hoodie

by PinkInDetroit

Tags: ghostbusters, ray-stantz, ernie-hudson, louis-tully, annie-potts

Bustin' Out! Kids Hoodie

by ForbiddenMonster

The original Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Tags: stay-puft-marshmallow-man, sigourney-weaver, annie-potts, janine-melnitz, who-ya-gonna-call


The Mystery Machine Gets made up for the Ghostbusters.

Tags: movies, ghostbusters, scooby-doo, comedy, cartoon

Ecto-Machine Kids Hoodie

by RobotGhost

Elsa the Arendellian! Good evening: as a duly designated representative of the City, County and State of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest, convenient parallel animation. Thank you.

Tags: ghost-trap, who-ya-gonna-call, who-you-gonna-call, snow, dana-barrett

Tags: ghostbusters, break-glass, br, in-case-of-fire, fire

In case of fire Kids Hoodie

by SirTeealot

Tags: parody, 1980, 80-s, cartoon, animation


Vigo The Despised, , Vigo The Unholy, whatever you wanna call him, he's still a badass from the often too ignored "Ghostbusters II". Show your pride with a shirt sporting the visage of this Carpathian dynamo.

Tags: movie, ghostbusters, ghosts, vigo, carpathian

Vigo The Carpathian Kids Hoodie

by AndysocialIndustries

Tags: ghostbusters, bill-murray, louis-tully, who-you-gonna-call, rick-moranis


by HamburgrHotdog

Who you gonna call?

Tags: ghostbusters, who-you-gonna-call, ray-parker-jr, ghostbuster-remake, remake


Worn out looking shirt from the 80s Ghostbusters

Tags: ghostbusters, zeddemore, spengler, stantz, bill-murray


Gozer Walks Her Terror Dogs

Tags: 1980, 80-s, cartoon, animation, retro

Tags: egon-spengler, graphic-design, awesome, graphic, philly


Egon Spengler & Ray Stantz's Blueprints for the Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Tags: ghostbusters, sigourney-weaver, janine-melnitz, terror-dogs, dana-barrett

Tags: you, cinderella, captain-haddock, haddock, the-adventures-of-tintin

Tags: super-smash-bros, little-shop-of-horrors, seymour-krelboin, the-little-shop-of-horrors-mashup, the-little-shop-pf-horrors

Suddenly Seymour Kids Hoodie

by ArtByJamesHance

Louis Theroux BBC

Tags: cool, tshrits, design


Your new friend !

Tags: illustration, artistic

Louis Kids Hoodie

by mariemainguy

"Here's how my brain works : it's stupidity, followed for self-hatred and then further analysis" -Louis CK

Tags: louis-ck, quote, typography, comedy, funny

Louis CK Kids Hoodie

by TomTrager

When the discussion turns to treaties made with former, er, heads of state, we should remember the wise words of King Louis' Head. Now in French, for purists and super Hamilton nerds.

Tags: hamilton, 1982-france, nerd, broadway-lyric, broadway-musical

Tags: funk, jazz, trumpet-player-design, trumpet-player

Tags: hawks, stlouis, st-louis, atalanta, atlanta

Main Tag

I was born in Jefferson City, MO but raised in St. Louis! It has been and always shall be my home. From the culture and arts community to the food scene and of course our beloved sports franchises (GO CARDS!), there is no other city in the United States like the Gateway City.

Tags: st-louis, saint-louis, cardinals, gateway-arch, skyline


A combination of logos from three great artists

Tags: music, drop, bass, bass-head, bassheads


Louis Armstrong Caricature

Tags: trumpet, jazz


lou lou lou

Tags: lt, one-direcction, larry, harry, liam-payne

Louis Tomlinson Kids Hoodie

by mrsadfran

Tags: pop-culture, art, louis-tomlinson, harry-styles, 1d

Small Louis Kids Hoodie

by aki_anyway

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