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Lunafreya Kids Hoodies


Cammeo 2


Cammeo Based on Lunafreya from FFXV

Tags: cammeo, lunafreyanox, luna, noctis, finalfantasyxv


The Oracle to help the king

Tags: luna, lunafreya, umbra, gentiana, ffxv

The Oracle Kids Hoodie

by kalgado

Only they can save the world from the darkness.

Tags: fantasy, videogames, rpg, jrpg, lunafreya


Hope you like it!

Tags: ffxv, final-fantasy-xv, noctis, lunafreya, prompto


Drawing inspired by the reciprocal help of Prompto and Pryna shown on Episode Prompto and Brotherood from Final Fantasy XV

Tags: brotherood, episode-prompto, finalfantasy, chocobros, gladio

Prompto and Pryna Kids Hoodie

by Silveretta
Main Tag

Tags: fantasy, rpg, videogames, regis, regalia


Parody of "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai with Leviathan from Final Fantasy XV throwing its tsunami on Altissia

Tags: tsunami, gladio, ff15, lunafreya, ignis

Tags: noctis, gladiolus, gladio, prompto, ignis

Brothers Kids Hoodie

by wloem

Tags: final-fantasy, fantasy, lunafreya, luna, ff


Uniform from the movie Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive as seen on the chest of Nyx and every other member of the Kingsglaive.

Tags: fantasy, lucis, insomnia, libertus, lunafreya

Kingsglaive Uniform Kids Hoodie

by The_Interceptor

Tags: fantasy, noctis, final-fantasy-12, final-fantasy-11, final-fantasy-5


I hope you all are having a nice day and a happy new year! Enjoy Santa's presents and I hope one of those is Final Fantasy XV or a better one, like one of my t-shirts ;P

Tags: ravus, ardyn, ps4, playstation, videogame


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