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Micio Kids Hoodies


Mom cat always makes sure that is her kitties or not by smelling them. Kitty mommy is always suspicious of human scent on kittens. I think people who care enough to understand cats, understand most of a cats behavior. The kitten was inside a drain, so it got some of the odors from it also the kitten was handled by humans so of course, she is a bit uncertain of her own smell the kitten should actually have. If all of the ur support this. Then please stop kills animals for eating. We should have convert vegetarians. One side We save one kind of animal and another side we kill some animal for eating. So we turn vegetarians and eat the food of herbivorous animals so they starve to death. Because plants don't have eyes and sound doesn't mean plants not living and don't feel pain.

Tags: kittens, catshirt, rock


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