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Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand Kids Hoodies

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Never was my title of "The Car's The Star" truer than in the mid 80s toy line and cartoon M.A.S.K where seemingly innocuous vehicles could transform into combat ready vehicle to fight crime and the evil forces of Miles Mayhem and V.E.N.O.M, From top to bottom: • Thunderhawk - A Chevrolet Camaro which turns into a fighter jet. Piloted by MASK's leader, millionaire playboy Matt Trakker. • Hurricane - A 1957 Chevy which turns into a tank. Driven by history teacher Hondo "Striker" McLean and mechanic Buddy "Clutch" Hawks. • Gator - A Jeep c17 which turns into a speedboat. Driven by pizza chef Dusty "Powderkeg" Hayes. • Rhino - A Kenworth Semi-Truck which turns into an armoured defence and command centre. Driven by Matt Trakker, vet and pet store owner Alex "Megabyte" Sector and toy inventor Bruce "Magic" Sato.

Tags: t-bob, cartoons, 1980s, 80s, vehicles


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