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Nato Kids Hoodies


United States Army NATO was established by General Order #46, effective 20 December 1950. The Command was organized as a special field activity, assigned to Headquarters Department of the Army. Formerly titled: "US Army Elements, Allied Command Europe", the Command has evolved into providing superlative support to nearly 1300 soldiers and civilians and 1500 family members throughout NATO. Headquarters Brigade, US Army Elements, Allied Command Europe was activated on 3 May 2000 at SHAPE with the mission of providing support to soldiers, civilians and family members in Allied Command Operations NATO.

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Army - NATO Kids Hoodie

by twix123844

The NATO Response Force (NRF) is a high readiness force comprising land, air, sea and special forces units capable of being deployed quickly on operations wherever needed

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Raptor Squad Kids Hoodie

by fishbiscuit

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You've been Rickrolled! ;-)

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Europe First! / Europa Zuerst! / L'Europe D'Abord! / ¬°Europa Primero! / L'Europa Prima Di Tutto!

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Europe First! Kids Hoodie

by MrFaulbaum

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