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Nestle Kids Hoodies


Coffee-without-milk instead of coffee-without-cream serving movie scene from Ernst Lubitsch’s black and white classic “Ninocka” is one of Slavoj Žižek’s all time favorite anecdotal examples that Slovenian marxist-lacanian philosopher uses to illustrate.. well, basically all sorts of things, the complex functioning of Jacques Lacan’s “objet petit a” (object small a) topological concept being only one of particulars. Thus the idea of an imaginary creamers brand designed to let you enjoy your morning coffee neither with cream (or milk) nor just plain but specifically with-without-cream which is already whole other cup of coffee – just the way you like it!

Tags: less-than-nothing, parody, logo, brand, mate

Zizek's Without-cream Creamer Kids Hoodie

by nicolascoursbarracq
$36 $30

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