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Numerical Kids Hoodies


What a freaky year that was... More years available soon.

Tags: numbers, odd, bizarre, freaky, weird

1986 Kids Hoodie

by MalcolmKirk

it's a dragon-wolf-snake-thing shaped like a number 2.

Tags: two, 2, dragon, werewolf, wolf

Tags: creature, animal, animals, color, colorful

psycho cats Kids Hoodie

by ariverrr

Happy Creature Face finds the Cupcake of Awesome, he is mighty pleased. This image was taken shortly before a disastrous cupcake-related incident.

Tags: happy, cartoon, animation, funny, cupcake

Cupcake of Awesome Kids Hoodie

by JasonStone

He's purple and he's hungry.

Tags: mutants, beasts, teeths, fangs, toothy

Purple People Eater Kids Hoodie

by JenniferSmith

A freaky three.

Tags: beastie, furry, beasty, creature, three

Threeky Kids Hoodie

by MalcolmKirk


Tags: species, guardian, teeth, claws, claw

The cloud Jumper Kids Hoodie

by NezuPanda

50 number logo

Tags: bike, car, racing, vintage, numbers

50 on fire Kids Hoodie

by Labosse

Lots of happy having a happy time.

Tags: smiles, friendly, kids, balloons, sheep

Happy Creatures Kids Hoodie

by porkyroebuck

This character is one of my otherworldly characters, a series of artistic, odd creatures I created for an alternative, adult coloring book.

Tags: comics, spiritual, sci-fi, fantasy, illustration

Tags: fins, colorful, glowing, blue, magic

Sea Tee Kids Hoodie

by GrimKr33per

Kangaroo My take on a Kangaroo

Tags: strange, animal, australia, funny, kangaroo

Kangaroo - Strange Kids Hoodie

by hogartharts

It's a creature/thing...not so easy to describe...there, now you know what it is!

Tags: creepy, spooky, scary, creature, weird


The best number in the world, right here. Why would you wear a shirt with any other number on it? Exactly. Just get this one. Duh.

Tags: red, old-school, old school, retro, 6

6 Retro Kids Hoodie

by aepoc

Tags: 22, wolf, wolves, league-pass, twolves

Andrew Wiggins Kids Hoodie

by awesomeniemeier


Tags: numbers, eightball, eight, eighth, eight-legs

8 Kids Hoodie

by nellang

Tags: movie, creature, cult, horror, scary-monsters

Grabloids! Kids Hoodie

by colemunrochitty
Main Tag

A freaky, feathery four

Tags: weird, creature, beasty, feathery, freaky

Tags: mark, punctuation, point, collection, collections

Tags: sign, mark, numerical, punctuation, letter

Tags: point, mark, collections, collection, numerical

Tags: collections, point, collection, alphabetical, alphabet

Tags: mark, collection, point, collections, number

Tags: collections, numerical, punctuation, number, letter

Tags: alphabetical, alphabet, number, letter, diseno

Tags: numerical, number, punctuation, sign, point

Tags: porco, collection, punctuation, point, numerical


A nine-shaped snail thing.

Tags: odd, weird, numerical, numbers, number

Ninesnail Kids Hoodie

by MalcolmKirk

Tags: alphabet, sport, jersey, diseno, sign

Tags: porco, jersey, alphabet, alphabetical, diseno

Tags: porco, collection, point, mark, number

Tags: numerical, mark, collection, point, number

Tags: sign, point, mark, collections, numerical

Tags: numerical, punctuation, sign, mark, point

Tags: alphabet, number, letter, alphabetical, diseno

Tags: porco, diseno, alphabet, jersey, alphabetical


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