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Paleontologist Kids Hoodies

Tags: jurassic, prehistoric, raptor, t-rex, paleontology


Oh maybe it isn't fair to make fun of these extinct animals but hey after 65 million years it should be time for a joke. Dinosaurs. Not so tough now are you

Tags: paleontology, paleontologist, history, humor, funny

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Fun little illustration I did

Tags: dinosaur, tyrannosaurus rex, skull, dinosaur shirt, trex shirt


Show the world that you dig anthropology, archaeology, dinosaurs, fossils and paleontology. Great gift for the anthropologist, archaeologist or paleontologist. Text says: Paleontology Can you dig it?

Tags: x131sx, dig-it, science, prehistoric, paleontologist


Are you a professional or amateur paleontologist? Do you love collecting and hunting for all sorts of fossils -- but especially trilobites? Perfect! This funny trilobite tee would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Tags: professor, dino, student, fossils, jurassic-park


Dinosaurs aren't just a "guy thing"! Show your Dinosaur Pride...let them hear you ROAR!

Tags: girl, jurassic-park, prehistoric, jurassicpark, tyrannosaurus-rex


Illustrations of various human bones/joints/other parts - at least the more distinguishable ones.

Tags: halloween, cool, bones, bone, skeleton-bones

Osteology Kids Hoodie

by dorothytimmer

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