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Parsley Kids Hoodies


In the not too distant future, five girls start their own cafe and create a foodstuff so irresistible that the entire local economy comes to rely upon it; bartering their amazing garlic bread for everything from coffee to lambos. Soon, it sweeps the world. As it grows ever more vital, it becomes apparent that a more efficient means of exchange is required. In the year 20XX, Earth enters a state of absolute harmony with Garlicoin becoming the new universal currency. Meanwhile, with everyone consuming so much garlic, the vampires of the world find themselves faced with starvation. They retaliate against the endless stench of garlic, only to be foiled again and again by the embodiment of Garlicoin herself - a super-powered android created with all the skills and weaponry necessary to defeat them. Finally they send two of their kind back to the year 2018 to destroy the five friends and their cafe before they change the world forever. The vampires would have succeeded, however Garlicoin followed them back in time, and under the guise of mild mannered Garlic Bread, protects Garlic, Butter, Bread, Cheese, Parsley, and their cafe from the forces of evil.

Tags: garliccoin, butter, grlc, bread, garlic-bread


"Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme."

Tags: lyrics, plants, plant, herbs, herb

Tags: guacamole, mexican, avokado, chilly, pepper


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