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Practical Joke Kids Hoodies


Go on... Dare you! ;-)

Tags: humor, funny, joke, fire-exit, sign

Ring and Run Kids Hoodie

by blueshift
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Oh For Fox Sake t shirts, mugs, and gifts

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There's been debate as to whether or not its a good thing to spend time with your significant other in the restroom. Some think its disgusting and even in some cases it hurts the relationship by eliminating either an aspect of mystery or the integrity of one's view on one's partner. However, the other side of the coin argues or perceives that sharing these experiences with your partner creates more intimacy. To be comfortable enough to share everything with your partner really demonstrates a level of trust beyond the average couple. Of course, at times such a scenario can get out of hand when pranks come into play. Suppose its just another form of love. Love is trolling one another.

Tags: love-is, trolling, troll, bathroom, toilet


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