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Proclamation Kids Hoodies

Tags: music, lampost, ska-punk, ska-man, ska-dad


Rules for every species.

Tags: doctor-who, doctorwho, dalek, whovian, the-doctor


Honest Abe, honestly.

Tags: abe-lincoln, abraham-lincoln, abraham, american-history, us-presidents

Lincoln | Honest Hookah Kids Hoodie

by moose_cooletti
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There are a lot of cool “cats” who DJ (including Bruce Lee), but there are not a lot of Presidents who DJ. Abe Lincoln changes up the game from beyond. He can really scratch it up. This tee shirt is a hip option for the person who likes DJing and spinning records and politics. Perfect for wearing to the local EDM festival, comic book convention, bar, club, bookstore, library, speed dating event, gaming convention, movies, thrift store, computer lab or simply for everyday wear. Show your pride in your individuality, importance, originality and unique nature by rocking this DJ Abraham Lincoln t-shirt from Basement Mastermind.

Tags: records, music, record, vinyl, scratch

Tags: abraham-lincoln, president, abe-lincoln, abraham, lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Kids Hoodie

by MindsparkCreative

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