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Professors Kids Hoodies


Proud of your job as a professor or teacher? Show it off with this funny, witty, and cool tee for this career in education! Makes a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, Valentines, graduation, homecoming, etc. Perfect for men, women, girls, and boys. Order now!

Tags: professors, college

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A Photographic Digital Collage with my own photography

Tags: professors-funny, professors, steampunk, wise, wisdom

Owls of Wisdom Kids Hoodie

by Creativemazza

Are you tired of being interrupted while thinking important thoughts? Then this is the perfect design for you! This is great for students, teachers, professors, researchers, authors, writers, journalists, managers or anyone who is a deep thinker. It's great to wear at work, while studying, writing, learning, & thinking deeply or any other time you might find yourself solving the world's greatest problems.

Tags: students, teachers, professors, intellectual, researchers


Grab this funny calculus teacher merch today!

Tags: calculus-instructors, calculus-instructor, calculus-professors, calculus-professor, calculus-students


Descartes -- the man who is always thinking! Enjoy this hilarious meme featuring Descartes portrait with the hilarious meme captions. Don't stop thinking -- or you'll know what might happen! A great gift for philosophers, philosophy students, philosophy meme lovers and more

Tags: philosophy-professors, thinking, philosophy-thinking, funny-philosophy-gifts, teachers


English Majors Get Lit. It's a pun. Show you're an English major with a hilarious sense of humor and hip vocabulary with this shirt.

Tags: reading-humor, reading-books, literature-professors, literature-teacher, punny-jokes


Lovely ladies love reading.

Tags: gifts-for-bookworms, female, girl-gifts, green-floral-deco, floral-design


Are you a college or university professor? Whether you teach science, math, history, philosophy, business management or english literature you are definitely a smart person who knows things. Or may just a smart aleck who likes funny sayings. Perfect gift for a teacher going back to school or returning to campus classrooms in the fall. Why not for any instructor, faculty member, associate professor or the college dean. Great for a parent brother or sister who also teaches classes or just got a PHD doctorate degree.

Tags: phd-graduate-gift, instructor, intelligent, gift-for-teacher, professor


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