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Red Vines Kids Hoodies


The BioChemistry department at Harvard should be proud of all it has accomplished, like being the birthplace of cortexiphan and for creating parallel universe travel. Why not put it on their t-shirt!

Tags: fringe, fringe-division, sci-fi, harvard, nerd

Tags: hip-hop, rap, red-vines, candy, hiphop

Redman Vines Kids Hoodie

by mattlassen

Yum! All of the Gilmore Girls' favorite foods listed in one place! This is the perfect design for junk foodies! Who doesn't love coffee, tacos, red vines, burgers, mallomars, pizza and pop tarts like Rory and Lorelai?

Tags: stars-hollow, rory-gilmore, lukes-diner, lorelai-gilmore, junk-food

Gilmore Girls Food List Kids Hoodie

by StarsHollowMercantile

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