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Sallah Kids Hoodies


Parody poster for Sallah from the Indiana Jones franchise in his own spin off movie! Oh what could have been.

Tags: gimli, parody, john-rhys-davies, asps-you-go-first, indiana-jones


A good hero makes a story great, but the secondary characters make those same stories even better. They help out in crucial scenes and help develop the characters that we know and love. This shirt is a tribute to the bit parts and second tier characters. They may not be the first people you think of when you reflect on your favorite shows, but they helped make it somewhere along the way.

Tags: faramir, lotr, tolkien, trek, wars

The Other Other Guys Kids Hoodie

by Pixhunter
$36 $30

Tags: sallah, indy, sidekick, indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom, raiders-of-the-lost-ark

Can You Dig It? Kids Hoodie

by theSteele
$36 $30

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