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Sharptooth Kids Hoodies


The original villain. Sharp Tooth was a vicious mother-killer. with little arms. <br/><br/> Like my <a href="http://tabners.com/sharp-tooth-t-shirt/">Sharp Tooth</a> design? Follow me via my website - tabners.com This Land Before Time inspired Jurassic Park Mashup is great for the Sharp Tooth fan in your life.

Tags: mashup, dino, dinosaurs, little-foot, jurassic-world

Sharp Tooth Kids Hoodie

by Tabners

Tags: the-land-before-time, land-before-time, ducky, yep-yep-yep, sharptooth


Cute Land Before Time T-Shirt - "Ladies and Gentlemen....please welcome to the stage...from before time itself....your favourite Prehistoric Punks, Jurassic Jammers, Dino Dancers - it's the BAND BEFORE TIME!!!" *crowd goes wild*

Tags: band-before-time, dinosaurs, ducky, spike, cry


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