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Spiny Shell Kids Hoodies


Lakitus are Koopas who ride clouds through the skies, mostly dropping Spiny Eggs.

Tags: super-mario-bros, retro, kids, cute, yoshi


Imagine, while playing Mario Kart you receive on your phone this twitter notification!

Tags: blue-shell, super-mario, luigi, toad, yoshi


National Mario Kart League!

Tags: mario, national-league, funny, video-games, super-mario-brothers

NMKL Kids Hoodie

by rodrigobhz

We like the bike! We heart the cart! We sling bananas like Warhol art. Blue is the shell and white is the spike That nukes the cart and fries the bike. Heat-seeking, foe-freaking, wondrous red shells won't ricochet like a green bat out of hell! I do not like Goombas, King Boo or Chain Chomp. Give me Bob-omb. Me gusta POW Block! Skidding and bumping are just part of the race, But only Bowsers use Bullets to come in first place. Poem by Josiah Bancroft.

Tags: doctor-seuss, doctor-suess, mario, blue-shell, nintendo

1 Shell 2 Shell Kids Hoodie

by ianleino

Tags: neo-noir, alex-proyas, j-murdoch, dr-daniel-schreber, jennifer-connelly

Beautiful Shell Beach Kids Hoodie

by MindsparkCreative

Part human, part machine, part skider...

Tags: science-fiction, anime

Skhost in the Shell Kids Hoodie

by TheOliveKnight

Revisiting Groot from "The guardians of the Galaxy"

Tags: comic, art, guardians-of-the-galaxy, superheroes, peyote

Spiny Groot Kids Hoodie

by AgaCactus

Tags: blue-moon, mario, beer

Blue Shell Kids Hoodie

by KindaCreative

Powering you up since 1992!

Tags: retro, retrogaming, gaming, mario-cart, mario

Power Shell Co. Kids Hoodie

by DonCorgi

Turtle power!

Tags: ninja-turtles, cool, shredder, tv-shows, nintendo


Shell of a ghost!

Tags: anime, moon, ghost-in-the-shell



Tags: mario, super-mario-brothers, blue-shell, nintendo, video-games

Tags: super-mario-bros, spiny, mad-magazine


A parody of the Shell gas company logo featuring the shell design from the Mario games.

Tags: red-shells, shell, mario-cart, mariokart, mario-and-luigi

Shell Kids Hoodie

by SixEyedMonster

This copyrighted conch is the cornerstone of our organization! The club never makes a decision without consulting the conch!

Tags: clubhouse, secret, club, purple, sea-shell


Hope you like it :)

Tags: ninja-turtles, donatello, raphael, michaelangelo

The Shell Kids Hoodie

by salihgonenli

It's batou!

Tags: tachikoma, motoko, batou


It found a voice... Now it needs a body

Tags: ghost, gits, motoko-kusanagi, motoko, ghost-in-the-shell-movie

Ghost in the Shell Kids Hoodie

by geeeeeeeeeeeek

Tags: computer, ghost, mario, ghost-in-the-shell, shell


The first will be last.

Tags: mario, super-mario-bros, blue-shell, club, first


This is a tribute to the Infamous Blue Shell in Mario Kart..We've all been left Shell shocked before!

Tags: mario, shocked, pop-culture, funny, games

Shell shocked Kids Hoodie

by GreenHRNET

Tags: ninja-turtles, teenagemutantninjaturtles, tortugas-ninja

Tags: ghost-in-the-shell, tachikoma, gits, batou, motoko

Tags: ghost-in-the-shell, motoko, kusanagi, gits, tachikoma


No. 1 in a collage series, bullet shell and shark head

Tags: muted, shark-mouth, shark-teeth, shark-nose, nose

Shell Shark Kids Hoodie

by NicholasEly

Tags: parody, hell, devil, evil, satan

sHELL Kids Hoodie

by Droidloot

Under the sea mandala

Tags: geometric, shell, colorful, art, decorative

Shell mandala Kids Hoodie

by Chrissemac

Tags: shell, item, blue, demonigote, mario

Tags: aramaki, eka, kubota, shel, cruzkowa

Tags: logo, funny, art, parody, design

Shell Yeah Kids Hoodie

by Blackmaon

Tags: shell, super-smash-bros, super-mario, nintendo, turtle

Grunge Shell Kids Hoodie

by BignellArt

Green Turtles run the city...

Tags: album-cover, nickelodeon, parody, funny, humor

Shell Life Kids Hoodie

by PennyTees

Snails rule. Shell yeah!

Tags: animal, animals, nature, humor, snail

Shell yeah! Kids Hoodie

by Spectralstories

Tags: geometric, icon, black-and-white-art, lines, abstract

Zebra Shell Kids Hoodie

by AGreeneBrand

inspired by games

Tags: mashup, parody, funny, pop-culture, nerd

Red Shell Kids Hoodie

by buby87

Tags: sea, nature, graphic, black, ink

Shell Tattoo Kids Hoodie

by RubisFirenos

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