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Transman Kids Hoodies


Cross-platform means applying a bios or program between devices that normally aren't compatible. Transgender people are Cross platform in that we are trying to make being the opposing sex work while we are stuck gender we aren't comfortable with.

Tags: gay, lesbian, social-justice, bisexual, homosexual

Cross Platform Trans-Pride Tee Kids Hoodie

by simplyangel1212
$36 $30

Resist those who try to oppress us with this rad design!

Tags: lgbtq, resistance, resist, lgbt, transwoman


to make sure people know what your pronouns are~ **there are options for "male" and "female" gender clothes. think of it more as "straight cut" or "tapered to body" options instead. i wish i could change this or this website would.

Tags: trans, transgender, transman, trans-man, he

He/Him Pronouns Shirt Kids Hoodie

by FullmetalVagina
$36 $30
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Tags: gay, lesbian, human, equality, gay-pride


Be proud of who you are.

Tags: trans, transgender, ftm, mtf, transman

It's Worth It Kids Hoodie

by GreysonCole
$36 $30

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