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Ttavner Kids Hoodies


Lets Get Physical! Original Artwork by Tyler Tavner

Tags: ttavner, jazzercise-apparel, jazzercise, 1980s, vintage

Jazzercise Kids Hoodie

by Ttavner

When Ant-Man shrinks down to ant sized, he finds that he is now in the world of Disney Pixar's A Bugs Life. Teaming up with Flik they must team-up to defeat Yellow Jacket and his alliance with the Grasshoppers. Characters depicted are just re-imaginings of existing characters and i do not claim ownership. This work is just a mashup parody combining characters that i love.

Tags: marvel, tyler-tavner, ttavner, comics, mcu


Marvels resident world eater is coming to feast on the moon. Design is a parody mash-up of Galactus and Harvest Moon, i do not claim ownership of characters only of this design featuring them.

Tags: comic, harvestmoon, galactus, marvel, tyler


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