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Venus Fly Trap Kids Hoodies


This design is from my own hand drawn illustration.

Tags: plant, venus-fly-trap, garden, spotted, gardening

Venus Fly Trap Kids Hoodie

by artfulfreddy

Tattoo design, available for tattooing. Contact me.

Tags: tattoo, surreal, gradient, horror, monster

Fly Eater Kids Hoodie

by twstd_ink

Tags: minimalism, surrealism, eye, minimalist, creepy

venus eye Kids Hoodie

by terastar


Tags: funny, carniverous-plant, venus-flytrap, cool, feminist

Man Eater Kids Hoodie

by Brieana
Main Tag

Tags: little-shop-of-horrors, venus-fly-trap, 80s-movies, classics, awesome

Feed Me Kids Hoodie

by Mistyk1

Translation: Nature Is Metal : Venus Fly Trap Very little is known of Metallum, yet it is within everything. You cannot hold it, yet it can hold you. It surrounds us. Haunts us. Inspires us. Dionaea muscipula sits and waits. Time is her dog. More hunger than teeth. More teeth than roots. More roots than soil could ever yield. Once you are introduced to her jaws you will cease to be. The gift of time becomes your own, until there is nothing left but her.

Tags: heavymetal, rock, metal, heavy-metal, frog

Tags: audrey-ii, feed-me, audrey-2, man-eating-plant, little-shop-of-horrors-apparel


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