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Vulgaris Kids Hoodies


This is an illustration is from the book entitled Mollusques Vivants et Fossiles. The beautiful illustration depicts Loligo vulgaris, also known as the European Squid. The book was published in 1845 by Gide et Cie, in Paris. Read more about this illustration at: http://pdtee.weebly.com/vulgaris.html

Tags: cephalopods, cephalopod, ocean-life, nautical, sea-life

Vulgaris Kids Hoodie

by PDTees
$36 $30

A common octopus, original design by Chloe Yzoard, the perfect gift for octopus lovers, fishermen and divers. #octopus #chloeyzoard #octopusartwork #illustration

Tags: tentacle, octopus-design, sea, ocean, octopus-artwork

Tags: vector, band, symbols, logo, desert

kyuss Kids Hoodie

by applecrust
$36 $30

Tags: art, animal, desert-sessions, desert-rock, kyuss

Racoon Kids Hoodie

by genevievemarkham
$36 $30

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