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Wicked Witch Of The West Kids Hoodies

Tags: wicked, wicked-witch, oz, wizard-of-oz, elphaba


Always something wicked

Tags: something-wicked-this-way-comes, wicked, shakespeare, by-the-privking-of-my-thumbs, wicked9mm

Something Wicked Kids Hoodie

by Wicked9mm
$36 $30

A tribute to Idina Menzel! A mash up of Elsa from Frozen and Elphaba from Wicked!

Tags: elsa, frozen, disney, movies, mashup

Elsaba Kids Hoodie

by Jennisney
$36 $30

Now, the Wicked Witch of the West had but only one eye, yet this eye was as strong and powerful as a telescope, and could see everywhere in the Winkie Country. So, as the Wicked Witch stood on the highest balcony of her castle, she happened to look around and saw Dorothy and her companions walking on her land. They were a long distance off, but the old wicked woman was very angry to find trespassers in her country.

Tags: witch, margaret-hamilton, stephen-schwartz, oz, the-wizard-of-oz

Defying Gravity Kids Hoodie

by thereader
$36 $30

The legendary Wicked Witch Of West from "The Wizard Of Oz". Wicked Witch Of West T-Shirt.

Tags: kansas, dorothy, bad-witch, good-witch, el-mago-de-oz

Wicked Witch Of The West Kids Hoodie

by mosgraphix
$36 $30

Green witch

Tags: witchcraft, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked-witch, green, oz

Green witch Kids Hoodie

by lidijaarts
$36 $30

Oz henchman takes time to enjoy a coloring book.

Tags: wizard-of-oz, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked-witch, flying-monkey, monkey

Monkey Color Kids Hoodie

by ChetArt
$36 $30

Tags: fierro, musicals, glinda, broadway, elphaba


by NiroKnaan
$36 $30

Tags: wizard-of-oz, wicked-witch, wicked-witch-of-the-west

Trust No Witch Kids Hoodie

by blakely737
$36 $30

Tags: broadway, musicals, wicked-witch-of-the-west, cats, phantom-of-the-opera

Tags: glinda, emerald-city, hamilton, broadway, wizard-of-oz

WICKED the Musical Kids Hoodie

by SheridanJ
$36 $30

Don't make me get my flying monkeys t-shirt

Tags: wicked-witch-of-the-west, dont-make-me-get-my-flying-monkeys, oz

Tags: elphaba, galinda, wicked-witch-of-the-west, musical, wicked-witch


The first color block design I ever tried to make- pardon it's rough edges! I will do something else for these lovely ladies at some point.

Tags: wicked, wicked-witch, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wizard-of-oz, elphaba


The witches from "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White" are most definitely college roommates. Together they took courses such as Evil Transformations and Putting Princesses to Sleep 101.

Tags: wicked, wicked-witch, wicked-witch-of-the-west, maleficent, broadway

Wicked Villains Kids Hoodie

by cocogem
$36 $30

Tags: wicked-witch-of-the-west, glinda, wicked-witch, elphaba, wicked-musical-broadway

Tags: glinda, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked, quote, wicked-witch

Tags: defying-gravity, wicked-witch-of-the-west, glinda, elphaba, wicked-witch


The Wicked Witch of the West & Flying Monkey drawn in the style of Calvin & Hobbes

Tags: parody, mashup, wizard-of-oz, wicked-witch-of-the-west, flying-monkey

Tags: halloween, gryffindor, posion, potion, halloweentee

Wiccan Kids Hoodie

by Blurst_of_Thymes
$36 $30

Tags: funny, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked-witch, musical, broadway

Elphaba Tooniefied Kids Hoodie

by Tooniefied
$36 $30

Tags: the-wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked-musical, the-wicked-musical, wicked-witch, eplhaa


The Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz" drawn in the style of Vintage Mickey.

Tags: movies, parody, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wizard-of-oz, mickey-mouse

Vintage Wicked Witch Kids Hoodie

by leidemera
$36 $30

Tags: elphaba, glinda, broadway, oz, shiz

Tags: oz, wicked-musical, musical, broadway, wicked-witch-of-the-west

Tags: emerald-city, winged-monkey, oz, flying-monkey, wicked-witch-of-the-west

Wicked Kids Hoodie

by Tim_Shumate_Illustrations
$36 $30

Tags: oz, broadway, wicked, wicked-witch-of-the-west, elphaba

We Can Defy It! Kids Hoodie

by KsuAnn
$36 $30

Tags: wicked, elphaba, glinda, wicked-witch-of-the-west, twinsies

Tags: emerald-city, oz, elphaba, glinda, wicked-witch-of-the-west

Tags: wicked-witch, aint-no-rest-for-the-wicked, wicked-witch-of-the-west, oz, broadway

Tags: witch, wicked-witch, spooky, wicked-witch-of-the-west, funny

Tags: the-wizard-of-oz, glinda, broadway, oz, wicked-witch-of-the-west

For Good Kids Hoodie

by TwistedPenguin
$36 $30

Tags: humor, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked, halloweentee, halloweenshirt

Tags: wicked-musical, elphaba, broadway, wicked-witch-of-the-west, wicked-witch


Into the woods we go

Tags: into-the-woods, broadway, musical, wicked-witch-of-the-west, witch

Blame Another Witch Kids Hoodie

by shawnalizabeth
$36 $30

Tags: wicked-witch, wicked, wicked-witch-ugly, wicked-witch-of-the-west, oz


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