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Accurate Shot Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


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I'm An Accurate Shot

Tags: im, an, accurate, shot, im-an-accurate-shot

Tags: hamilton, my-shot, miranda, aaron-burr, hamiltrash


a hamilton/star wars crossover!

Tags: hamilton, star-wars

Tags: karen-hallion, hamilton, geek, nerd, musical



Tags: nba, new-york-knicks, basketball, new-york, knicks

Tags: hamilton, han-shot-first, han-solo, pop-culture, mashup


America needs historic change. A man who built himself from the ground up. Young, scrappy and hungry, this orphan immigrant is the clear choice. This November, send a message to the Jeffersons and Madisons of the world. Do not throw away your... vote.

Tags: hamilton, trump, hillary-2016, vote-2016, america

Tags: hamilton, my-shot, alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda


Parody/Mashup: superhero+007 gun barrel sequence

Tags: arrow, agent-carter, mashup, green, shot


Based from the musical Hamilton.

Tags: history, fanart, musical, hamiltonmusical, alexanderhamilton


We are always so obsessed with remembering that Han shot first, but we all forget that Indiana Jones did the same thing to that evil swordsman. Make sure you get the message out there that our favorite adventuring archaeologist isn't that much different from our favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder.

Tags: star-wars, movie, movies, pop-culture, han-shot-first

Tags: star-wars-mashup, star-wars, han-solo, founding-fathers, the-story-of-tonight

Tags: warriors, dubs, golden-state-warriors, basketball, kd



Tags: art, line-drawing, shot, camera, troll

Tags: han-solo, hansolo, star-wars, han-shot-first, greedo

Tags: alexander-hamilton, young-scrappy-and-hungry, hamilton


Trigun - One shot man

Tags: vash-stampede, manga, anime, one-shot-man, shot


Widowmaker, the perfect sniper

Tags: maker, hearthstone, worldofwarcraft, widowmaker, widow

Tags: sports, basketball, cleveland-cavaliers, nba, warriors


Original version: http://tee.pub/lic/mpJWlJmaXGk

Tags: hamilton, broadway, musical, rap, broadway-musical


Inspired by The Windwaker

Tags: link, windwaker, the-legend-of-zelda, gamecube, video-games

Tags: hamilton, music, alexander-hamilton, lin-manuel-miranda, aaron-burr

my shot Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by claudiofischerlemos

Tags: cs, cs3, csiii, chip, skelton

Tags: my-shot, new-york, founding-fathers, ink, red-roses


Did he shoot first? Some like to think he did. Show your support for that famous green bounty hunter struck down before his time with this design.

Tags: star-wars, greedo, parody, movie-parody, film-parody

Tags: accurate, bible, religious, faith, christian


It's only a matter of conviction...

Tags: evidence, forensics, tape, fingerprint, print

Tags: hamilton, broadway, schuyler-sisters, the-schuyler-sisters, alexander-hamilton

my shot v2 Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by claudiofischerlemos

Parody/Mashup: gun barrel sequence, 007

Tags: gun-barrel, james-bond, 007, mashup, parody


Keep the jacket, it looks good on you.

Tags: poe-dameron, x-wing-pilot, helmet, force-awakens, starfighter

Tags: hamilton, 1776, american-revolution, revolutionary-war, duel


The Shoot your Shot Tee: D-Booker edition

Tags: lgbt-pride, nerd, parody, cute, humor


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