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Adventures In Babysitting Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


This parody design reminds us that friends and companions will come and go, but their spirits live on as new adventures awaken!

Tags: kid-friendly, children, cute, kids, mash-up


Adventures in Babysitting Stranger Things

Tags: lucas, mike, dustin, adventures-in-babysitting, eleven


Adventures In Babysitting

Tags: fan, netflix, funny, fangirl, gifts-for


A fun little taste of actual 80s nastalgia

Tags: upside-down, sindy, nancy, eleven, will


The adventures of Dustin and his pet, Dart the Demo-dog!

Tags: stranger-things-netflix, eleven, netflix, demogorgon-dog, demodogs

Tags: totoro, chihiro, no-face, spirited-away, mononoke


Go way retro with this black and white version of the classic Adventures of Superman shield.

Tags: black-and-white, grayscale, man-of-steel, george-reeves, emblem


Santa Barbara is safe when these two are on the case.

Tags: parody, fan, burton-guster, the adventures of, the-adventures-of-batman-and-robin


Troy and abed's dope adveeeeeentures!

Tags: abed, troy-and-abed-in-the-morning, community, megan-lara, teefury


Go way retro with this version of the classic Adventures of Superman shield.

Tags: the-adventures-of-superman, superman-shield, shield, icon, emblem

Tags: comedy, funny, hip-hop, rap, comic-book-cover


A Mashup of "The adventures of Batman & Robin" and the Maverick Hunters from Mega Man X series.

Tags: rock, x306skq, gaming, gamer, nostalgia

Tags: back-to-the-future, marty-mcfly, delorean, doc-brown, back-to-the-future-2


Cars collection

Tags: gift, boys, trip, blue, surfing

Tags: trust no one, secret, cartoon, animated series, aliens


My homage to Supernatural and Indiana Jones - for episode Werther Project

Tags: spnteetuesday, supernatural, dean-winchester, sam-winchester, winchester


a beautiful design by the wonderful hollie


The life of a companion is special. It’s filled with wonder, mystery, friendship, discovery… and running. Lots of running. Even then, it’s always fun to go off with the Doctor on new Adventures in Time. Follow the Doctor’s tenth incarnation alongside Donna Noble in this fun-filled shirt parodying the logo and characters of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

Tags: catherine-tate, david-tennant, adventure-time, donna-noble, cartoon


A logo idea I had for Steve's new babysitting league

Tags: humor, sport, retro, steve-stranger-things, parody

Tags: zelda, video-games, loz, gannon, ocarina


the walking dead related design

Tags: thewalkingdeadamc, walkingdead, something-to-fear, something-to-feae, lucille


inspired by the awesome game The Last of Us

Tags: joel, ellie, zombie, zombie-apocalypse, video-games


We've all imagined ourselves as a superhero. Only a few of us ever get to realize that dream. Quailman is one such character. Jumping off the page and replacing another famous icon on this cover, Quailman fights for truth, justice and Porkchop.

Tags: cartoon, pop-culture, first-issue, dc-comics, vintage


"The Adventures of Ferra & Torr" by Maike André

Tags: video-games, the-adventures-of-batman-and-robin, fatality, kombat, mortal

Tags: adventure, time-travel, podcast, nikola-tesla, history


There is no Shepard without Vakarian! FemShep version can be found by clicking on my profile.

Tags: x306skq, commander, shepard, garrus, vakarian

Tags: tv-show, ad-libbed, sci-fi, breakfast-cereal, adult-swim


jojo's bizzare adventures

Tags: jojos-bizarre-adventure, best-seller, new, hot, jojos-bizzare-adventure


Babysitting: L1 Acquisition Research | Linguistics

Tags: phonetics, syntax, phonology, language-acquisition, language


Adventures of Steve and Dustin

Tags: dc-comics, batman, steve, things, stranger

Tags: nerd, the-adventures-of-batman-and-robin, mashup, parody, pop-culture

Tags: parents, parenting, fathers, father, equal

Tags: robin, batman, nicktoon, nicktoons, 90-s


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