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Archeologist Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Inspired by the Indiana Jones films, these are things I think of when I think of Indy.


Indiana Jones was an archaeologist. Just saying.

Tags: archaeologist, archeologist, indiana-jones, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom


Spoof of Shephard Fairey's "HOPE" poster.

Tags: indiana-jones-shirt, indianajones, raiders of the lost ar, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana jones

Tags: city, hand-drawn, pencil, illustration, black-and-white

Tags: nfl, raiders-nation, oakland, oakland-raiders, las-vegas-raiders


Fedora Pixelart Logo

Tags: operative-system, os, hacker, unix, developer

Tags: guardians-of-the-galaxy, star-lord, starlord, guardians, indiana-jones


Raider Nation!!! Win big this year with a Raiders Skull you won't find anywhere else!

Tags: oakland-raiders, skull, pirate, raider-nation, pirates

Tags: indiana-jones, temple-of-doom, indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom, indiana-jones-raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade


East meet west mash up baby!

Tags: logo, parody, masked-rider, kamen-rider, black


My hero. My idol, my guilty pleasure. Indiana Jones!! He's yours too?

Tags: ark, indiana-jones-shirt, jones, indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade, temple


For the Supportive Raider Sisters!

Tags: indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom, indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, harrison-ford, indiana-jones-shirt

Tags: indiana-jones, indy, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, harrison-ford, indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom

Tags: indiana-jones, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, star-wars-inspired, geek, mashup


Doctor Aphra / Indiana Jones Mash Up Tee

Tags: indiana-jones, doctor-aphra, star-wars


IndianaJones, Raider since 1935!

Tags: henry-jones, dr-jones, fedora, harrison-ford, indiana


Nothing can ruin your Super Bowl party like a giant beach ball chasing you!

Tags: left shark, funny, parody, mash, mash up



Tags: indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom, mola-ram, indiana-jones


They hate us cause we Raidas!

Tags: al-davis, derek-carr, national-football-league, nfl, cheerleader


It's a crummy dive in a Nepalese village nobody would otherwise visit, but the locals enjoy the warmth of the fire and the climbers who hike through here like the company and the booze. And hey, THEY HAVE TEE SHIRTS!! - Marion Ravenwood

Tags: the-raven, theraven, raiders, marion-ravenwood, marion


Raiders of the Lost Ark parody. Instead of acquiring the golden idol, Harry Potter tries to catch the snitch

Tags: harry-potter, harry-potter-shirt, hogwarts, gryffindor, quidditch

Tags: derek-carr, football, oakland-raiders, oakland


For the Supportive Raider Nana!


For the Supportive Raider Mom

Tags: later-day-saint, latter-day-saint, doodle, angel-moroni, missionary


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Tags: latest, nice, solve-prolems, design, archaeology


The only one who can help

Tags: movie, film, archeologist, indiana, indianajones


Lineamentum Illustration - freelance illustrator drawing just lines: drawing or painting, pictogram, stick-man, stick-figure, stickman, stick-men, clipart, graphic, comic.

Tags: temple, greece, antique ones, rome, history


You enter a clearing, he moves like a bird lightly bobbing his head; and you keep still because you think maybe his visual acuity is based on movement like a T-Rex. He'll loose you if you don't move. But no, not Dr. Alan Grant. With this shirt he knows your a member of his dig crew in Snake Water, and now he sees you showing up late. You stare at him and he just stares right back. Next time maybe don't celebrate the new find so late at the bar, and ya'know... try to show a little respect.

Tags: jurassicpark, jurassic, jurassic-world, jurassic-park-t-shirt, jurassic-5

Tags: pop-culture, indy, indiana, jones, 80s


famous quote from indiana jones and the last crusade

Tags: adventures, adventure, spot, maps, map

Tags: indianajones, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana-jones-raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade, indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom

Tags: 80s, archeologist, adventure, glory, fortune

Tags: illustration, art, vintage, archeology, archeologist


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