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Bboy Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: christopher-wallace, big, east-cost, hiphop, rap


Hip Hop ninja turles mashup!

Tags: urban, city, sewer, new-york, album


In support of the hip hop culture!

Tags: breakdancer, breakdancing, hiphop, dance, dancer


Anime, video games, Hip Hop, we got you covered!

Tags: turntablism, turntablist, japanese, japan, otaku-gang

Tags: art, rap, illustration, graffiti-character, graffiti


Design inspiration pays homage to Brooklyn rap legend Notorious B.I.G. Rest in peace Biggie Smalls 1972- 1997 Excuse me….Do You Even lift?

Tags: iron-man, biggie, notorious-big, notoriousbig, notorious


Casual and Colorful motif. Super cool gift for friends of street art, graffiti, throw ups and everything in the field of hip hop. Colorful Modern clothes for Hipsters & Nerds.

Tags: art, colorful, cool, graffiti, hipster


The decepticons settle their differences on the dance floor.

Tags: megatron, optimus-prime, dancing, dance, bboy-design


Poor Kwame.....

Tags: rap, oldschool, biggie, bboy, notorious-big


Vector line art logo tee with graphic...designed by Deerokone!

Tags: urban, graffiti, retro, bboy


This is the evolution of bboying from the beginning of life on earth. (White Edition) ;)

Tags: breakdance, dance, art, urban, rapper


Notorious BIG - Sky's the Limit

Tags: new-york-city, nyc, brooklyn, new-york, freestyle

Sky's The Limit 2 Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by finnyproductions
$24 $18

bboy breakdance

Tags: dance-studio, go-go-girl, popmusik, bronx, hitparade


Look out! The 80s are coming!

Tags: breakdance, vintage, pop-culture, retro, streetwear

Breakdancing Ahead Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by CoastalShoppers
$24 $18

BBOY ghettoblaster

Tags: dansschool, dance-studio, hitparade, discotheek, popmusik


The autobots settle their differences on the dance floor.

Tags: giant-robot, robots-in-disguise, robot, robots, optimus-prime


The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.

Tags: che-guevara, che, cuba, guevara, cheguevara


No One Does It Better

Tags: hiphop, rap, breakdancing, dance, spray-can


Blast that mixtape!

Tags: bboy, breakdancing, breakdance, ghetto-blaster, ghettoblaster

Boombox Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by TheArtOfBrooklyn
$24 $18

Tags: skateboard, boy, logo, emblema, badges

Skateboarder Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by viSionDesign
$24 $18

Tags: art, spray, tag, grafitti, bad-boy

SHE Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by moanlisa
$24 $18

Tags: rapper, rap, hip-hop, dance, break-dance


break dance, bronx dance

Tags: bronx, new-york, powermoves, battle, footworks

Tags: music, turntable, analog, turntables, lp

Turntable Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Superlust
$24 $18

Tags: bboy, radio, snapback, panda

Tags: hip-hop-culture, underground-hip-hop-style, urban-clothing, underground-hip-hop, hip-hop-design

Tags: cheshire-cat, wonderland, white-rabbit, cheshire, mad-hatter

Cheshire Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by exogreyfox
$24 $18

K7 BreakDancing Rockin the Beat!

Tags: breakdance, breakdancing, vintage, retro, dance

K7 BreakDancing Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by pedrorsfernandes
$24 $18

A cool silhouette of a breakdancer against a distressed style rainbow background.

Tags: cool-dancer, breakdancer, hip-hop-dancer, rainbow-dancer, hip-hop


In support of the bboy culture.

Tags: rap, dancing, air-jordan, breakdance, breakdancing

Tags: breakdancer, bboy, breakdancing, badboy, hip-hop


Hip Hop Dancer Design by Freepik

Tags: dancer, dance, hip-hop, stars, bboy

Hip Hop Dancer Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by letnothingstopyou
$24 $18


Tags: go-go-girl, popmusik, dance-studio, dansschool, bronx


For all breakdancing lovers, fans and dancers

Tags: dance, breakdancing, handstyle, dancing, dancer


Funny statement on a tee shirt makes a day to anyone anytime! This shirt was made to make you and your friends smile and enjoy this Breakdance shirt 24/7. Cool shirt for your love or best friend who is a true Breakdance enthusiast. Passionate Breakdance lover gift. Cute Gift for him or her.

Tags: dope, funnytee, dancing, hiphop, breakdancer

Tags: art, spray-can, bombing, bboy, breakdancing


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