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Controversial Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


A little gift they probably give to the lone survivor of each competition.

Tags: i-survived, souvenir, battle-royale, japanese, film


V's mask of Guy Fawkes vandalized with graffiti of propaganda

Tags: tribute, comicart, graffiti, mask, propaganda


It is hard to know these days.

Tags: rock, christmas, coke, coka-cola, jesus


If you like Central American lizards, a band called The Jesus Lizard, or the founder of Christendom.

Tags: science, jesus, easter, religious, christ


a piece of pixel art inspired by the illuminati group and memes worldwide

Tags: illuminati-confirmed, dank-memes, meme, illuminati-triangles, illuminati-triangle

Tags: halloween, tv-shows, tv-series, controversial, not-pc


It's time to end the senseless debate. Remember the reason for the season, and what's really important.

Tags: xmas, symbols, writing, controversy, controversial

Christós Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by StillInBetaDesigns

Tags: world-hunger, charity, political, controversial, funny


Don't Be A Dumbass - Funny Slogan Statement Humor

Tags: offensive, politics, political, pop-culture, statement


Paper Scrolls is a new series, where I have a box (takeaway box) with 64 paper scrolls with a random word written on, the idea is I take a scroll and create artwork from it. First word is Controversial, what came to mind was inkblot test so I started with that and went with that as when it inkblots were first used they had quite an impact of people. Timelapse video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0zAnIUYfbI Materials: Black Indian Ink, Bristol Board and dip pen with nib.

Tags: controversial, dip-pen, paper-scrolls, black-indian-ink, ink


Inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club's cutest member, Sayori!

Tags: streetwear, glitch, ddlc-monika, hanging, suicide


At last, on 7" vinyl, the magnificent debut single of the extraordinary Todd Rivers, star of the controversial horror show Darkplace. Featuring a rap by Dean Learner and a very special vocal appearance by the dreamweaver himself, Garth Marenghi

Tags: 80s, 1980s, funny, parody, supernatural


HATERS GONNA HATE! Why are you so ugly?

Tags: you, gonna, hate, love, funny


One of the key images from the Battle Royale marketing campaign. Still awesome.

Tags: battle-royale, japanese, film, japanese-film, cult

Tags: food, controversial, parody, pier-paolo-pasolini, aldo-valletti


There are DOTS people . . . connect them already. One shirt to cover so many subjects of your choice. How cool is that?

Tags: nature, animal, the-elite, vaccines, reptilians


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