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Database Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Database Administrator

Tags: coder, coding, web-developer, database-engineer, programmer


Database administrator

Tags: science, programming, coder, dbadministrator, programmer


If you're a DBA, then you all about maintaining the integrity of data and everything that goes into it. Well, people trust you, too! So, why not show that you're an excellent DBA? You can pick up one of these shirts today and show them what's up!

Tags: trust-me-im-a-dba, trust-me-im-a, dba, database


Only DB developers who know SQL will understand it :)

Tags: mysql, sql-developer, sql-server, database, db

Tags: sqli, sql, injection, database, hack

Tags: ruby-on-rails, ruby, java, bootstrap, angularjs


Everything is recorded in today's times. Smartphones, Smart TVs, gaming consoles. We are all being tracked, traced and databased on a daily basis. Let them know that you know by copping the shirt!

Tags: international, patrol, national-security-agency, nsa, government


I Love It When You Call Me Big Data T-Shirt

Tags: database, database-administrator, call-me-big-data, data, database-administration

Tags: geek, sql, programming, nerd, database


Christmas is a time for databases. A great gift for yourself or for a friend that needs to brush up on his SQL skills. Who needs Stack Overflow when this shirt is everything you need.

Tags: funny, quotes, database, coding, gifts

SQL Clause Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by programmertees

Tags: database, kawaii, floppydisk, funny, vintage


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