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Dr Mrs The Monarch Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: muppet, muppet-show, dr-teeth, zoot, animal

Dr. Teeth Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by victorcalahan

I'll have a Diablo Sandwich and a Dr. Pepper and make it quick, I'm in a god damn hurry!

Tags: buford-t-justice, jackie-gleason, smokey-bandit, 80s, cinema

Tags: tardis, the-doctor, doctorwho, doctor-who, whovian

Dr Meow Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by cheekydesigns

Just a cool little abstraction design of monarch butterfly patterns, oooh, ARTSY! Butterflies butterfly tshirt t shirt t-shirt tee shirt

Tags: butterfly, butterflies, girly, dark, artsy

Tags: dr-who, doctor-who


Fan art

Tags: dr-strange, stephen-strange, benedict, cumberbatch, marvel


All hail Butt Stallion, Queen of the Pandoracorns!

Tags: borderlands, pre-sequel, presequal, video-games, gaming

Tags: indianajones, raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana-jones-raiders-of-the-lost-ark, indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade, indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom

Tags: dr-who, doctor-who, geek, nerd, art


A tribute to the third and new season of TV series Twin Peaks by David Lynch & Mark Frost

Tags: gold, tv-shows, tv-show, tv, lynch


Star Wars Mashup Top Ten #8, That's not the tardis you are looking for. The latest release by Laughing Devil tees. Go to the Laughing Devil artist page to see all the Top Ten Star Wars Mashup Designs.

Tags: star-wars, who, doctor, whovian, stormtrooper


Mashup between the series “Dr Who” and “Snoopy”. Snoopy is actually an alien? or be a k-9 disguise?

Tags: doctor-who, tv, geek, mashup, parody

Tags: doctor-strange, dr-strange, marvel, superheroes, comic


Dr. Fate minimalist helmet design.

Tags: superhero, comic, superheroes, dc-comics, dc


All the best elements. Invader Zim and Gir as Dr Who

Tags: dr-who, doctor-who, invader-zim


Dr Whooves Group

Tags: doctor-who, dr-whooves, doctor-hooves, dalek, matt-smith


Mr Tumnus is no stranger, when it comes to magic wardrobes. (no adjusted to work on both light and dark colors) See all the Who designs on the Laughing Devil Artist page.

Tags: dr-who, the-doctor, tardis, whovian, doctorwho


Are you waiting for Dr Ian Malcolm to finally pop the question? make sure he doesn’t miss you in this cute Jurassic Park inspired t-shirt! Be the next ex-mrs malcolm with this 'future ex-mrs malcolm t-shirt'! Suitable for Jeff Golblum fans everywhere.

Tags: jeff goldblum shirt, ian malcolm t-shirt, ian malcolm shirt, jurassic world t-shirt, jurassic world shirt

Tags: america, the-horax, cat-in-the-hat, thing-2, thing-1


Fusion with Doctor Who and Interstellar

Tags: interstellar, sci-fi, geek, nerd, mashup


It's 3D entertainment and an excellent cut of beef!

Tags: funny, scary, halloween, 3d, spoof


Dr. GF

Tags: monarch, the-monarch, the-venture-brothers, venture-bros, the-venture-bros


Classic British Rock with The Doc!

Tags: dr-who, police-box, tardis, the-doctor, doctor-who


Gone but not forgotten. Dr Boom has left for the wild lands.

Tags: dr boom, computer-games, video-games


One of the more memorable quotes from The Doctor.

Tags: dr-who, tardis, whovian, matt-smith, doctorwho


Daleks have gone on a Dr. Who egg hunt. As you can see all 12 doctors have been turned into little eggs. Super cute. Check out Tiny Giraffes on Facebook.

Tags: dr-who, tv, geek, cute, tardis


And at the end, the screen will say 'Dr. Acula.' Get that period out of there, squish 'em together, and it'll say 'Dracula'!"

Tags: doctor, cox, jd, scrubs

Tags: dr-who, tardis, doctor-who, night-of-the-doctor, the-day-of-the-doctor


Incorporating one of the most chilling quotes from our beloved serial killer of Nightbreed, Dr. Decker.

Tags: movie, scary, serial-killer, black-and-white, halloween


Film buffs will recognize this design as an homage to the poster for Rouben Mamoulian's 1931 cinematic adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner character is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's famous literary monster, so I thought it fitting to create an ode to the cinematic poster.</br></br> Buy a phone case: http://www.casetify.com/product/dr--banner-and-mr--hulk/iphone5s or a metal canvas here: http://displate.com/displate/35129/

Tags: comics, hulk, incredible-hulk, bruce-banner, dr-jekyll

Tags: doctor-who, tardis, tv-shows, geek, nerd


You said that in their voices, didn't you?

Tags: rocky-horror-picture-show, humor, humour, quote, quote humour


DALEK Dr. Who's Minimalist Fine Art / Geekery Poster that any Whovian would Love

Tags: time-travel, tv, doctor-who, geek, pop-culture


Royals: Monarch (Black & Red)

Tags: monarch, lion, royals


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