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Dracula Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: dean-winchester, sam-winchester, winchester, spn, castiel

Tags: vampire, halloween, monster, horror, scary


Who blood is that??

Tags: halloween, scary, vampire, vampires, count-dracula


Ink drawing.

Tags: vampire, vampires, count-dracula, gothic, goth

Tags: halloween, girl, goth-fashion, steamgoth, gothfashion


It´s Brum Strokealots Brocula

Tags: bram-stoker, vampires, horror, halloween, vampire

Tags: vlad-dracul, vlad-the-impaler, vampires


Vampire hand holding a glass of wine (or blood)

Tags: mythical-creature, bloody, hand, creature, blood


Midnight snack

Tags: vampire, night, juice, blood, nosferatu


A classic playbill of the original blood sucker

Tags: horror, retro, vampire, nosferatu, comics


prince of darkness

Tags: horror, vampire, universal-monsters, monster, creepy


For the world's most evil vampires and Christopher Lee.

Tags: british-horror, horror, christopher-lee, 1966, gothic


Another horror-inspired design that features one of original woodcut block prints of the Count himself, Dracula!

Tags: halloween, x707skq, blood, creature-of-the-night, mythical-creature


based on my original painting

Tags: classic, christopher-lee, movies, retro, scary

Tags: cool, vampire-bats, monsters, vampire-bat, bats

Dracula Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by TristanYonce

Don't be afraid. “I will not let you go into the unknown alone.”

Tags: humor, cartoon, creature, vlad-the-impaler, cute-monster


inspired by horror movies mashup

Tags: nosferatu, count-dracula, vampires, vampire, movies


Their just so snuggly

Tags: animals, vampires, halloween, cat, kitten

Tags: lol, funny, guitar, instrument, music

Dracu-lalala Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by madewithawesome

Artist Vance Capley enjoyed watching Creature Feature (with Sir Cecil Creape) on WSM TV channel 4 back in the day and was inspired to do these fun nostalgic drawings!

Tags: vampire


Think of a Dracula with a more iconic look.

Tags: classic-movies, horror, vampire, old, old-dracula


The legendary Bela Lugosi as his iconic Dracula.

Tags: movie, portrait, castle, bats, scary


trying to draw a kiss from Dracula at first , but my idea is keep changing while drawing, and finally the works become like this, LOL!

Tags: hot, love, fun, teenage, mouth

Tags: demon, demonic, vampire, evil, evil-queen


Dracula's Daughter

Tags: horror, daughter, vampire, draculas, gloria-holden



Tags: blood, gore, monster, vampire, dracula

Vampire Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by albertocubatas

Tags: count-dracula, universal-monsters, vintage-horror-movies, classic-movies, classic-monsters

Drac Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by ViolentAbduction

Tags: movie, monsters, monster, famous-film, classic-movies


A humorous caricature illustration of the well-known Hungarian-American silent movie actor and star of silver screen, playing Dracula; Bela Lugosi. One of a series of caricatures achieved for the Celebrity Sunday series, where a famous person is rendered within a day. The idea is to show them as if in a passport photo to have consistency.

Tags: art, hollywood, halloween, caricatures, bats


Vampire fangs pattern with a fun vector illustration of bright pink lips with vampire teeth over dark purple background. This dark fanged pattern is great for Halloween.

Tags: girl, fangs-case, vampire-fangs-case, vampire-lips, vampire-teeth


There's something strange with the shadow of the old Vlad.

Tags: girl, cult-movies, movie, movies, halloween


Nosferatoot T-Shirt. Funny Vampire Trumpet Pun Shirt for Nosferatu, vampire and brass instrument (trumpet) fans everywhere. Original Nosferatoot Shirt Design featuring nosferatu on the trumpet artwork.

Tags: jokes, sarcastic, novelty, humor, joke


The one and only Transylvanian Count from the legendary book by Bram Stoker. My inspiration is drawn directly from the book but with an infusion of familiar iconography. Great for fans of literature, horror or the macabre.

Tags: monster, scary, halloween, horror, count-dracula


PLEASE: If you buy one of my artwork send me a picture at my instagram account https://www.instagram.com/creativecommonpeople/ and I'll post it. Thank you very much :)

Tags: cartoon-network, comic, cartoons, tv, film

Horror Movie Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by creativecommonpeople

Tags: adventuretime, adventure-time, finn-the-human, finn-and-jake, cartoon-network

Tags: king, queen, skull, bone, dead


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