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Gilmore Girls Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

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Travel far, far away, to a small town in Connecticut. Visit Luke's Diner, have lunch at the gazebo, and if you're lucky, you'll run into a couple of Gilmore Girls. Stars Hollow, CT More Designs at WhoElseDesign.com

Tags: stars-hollow, star-wars, starshollow

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Stars Hollow Running Club has used the Richard Gilmore quote "What she tackles, she conquers" as their motto since their beginnings in September of 2016.

Tags: gilmore-girls-quotes, gilmore-girls-fan, stars-hollow, stars-hollow-running-club, richard-gilmore

Art Deco Motto Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by StarsHollowRunningClub

Tags: lukes-diner, lorelai-gilmore, rory-gilmore, stars-hollow

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Tags: stars-hollow, rory-gilmore, lorelai, lorelai-gilmore

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Represent House Gilmore.

Tags: lorelai-gilmore, rory-gilmore, stars-hollow


Buy this, and sport it around in front of Sean Gunn … he’ll dig.

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Townspeople! Please take your seats so that we can get this meeting started AND finished as quickly as possible. I have a roast in the oven and I’d like to get home before it completely dries out. By now you have all received invitations from Lorelai & Sookie to attend the “test run” of The Dragonfly Inn. As their dearest friends and greatest supporters it is our job to help them work through any kinks in policy and procedure before the grand opening of the inn. Let us please all be on our best behavior and help to guarantee success for two of Stars Hollow’s favorite daughters. While the main event IS the night at The Dragonfly the town is coming together to make this a weekend of celebrations; starting with the first annual “A Night At The Dragonfly – 5K” event sponsored by our very own, Stars Hollow Running Club. Registration for this event will be $27 ($32 for international participants) and will be hosted at: https://runsignup.com/Race/CT/StarsHollow/ANightattheDragonfly

Tags: stars-hollow, sookie-st-james, dragonfly-inn, stars-hollow-running-club, lorelai-gilmore

Dragonfly (inn) Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by StarsHollowRunningClub

When Richard speaks about Rory's ability to conquer all things in her path I think ever viewers heart swells with a little bit of pride. Not because Rory had left Yale and joined the DAR, but because Richard believed in her despite those things. With this shirt we celebrate conquering all things. We celebrate the strength of perseverance. We celebrate our Stars Hollow Runners for getting out there and tackling the idea of building a healthier lifestyle one dance marathon and stroll around town at a time. Copper Boom!

Tags: stars-hollow, logan-huntzberger, lorelai-gilmore, lorelai, rory-gilmore

Tags: stars-hollow, rory-gilmore, lorelai, lorelai-gilmore, lukes-diner

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Tags: so-lucky, words, christmas, holiday, winter

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No more poodles

Tags: stars-hollow, rory-gilmore, lorelai, lorelai-gilmore, poodle


In Omnia Paratus Umbrella | Gilmore Girls

Tags: in-omnia-paratus, ready-for-anything, logan-huntzberger, lorelai, gilmore


What would Lorelai Gilmore do? | Gilmore Girls

Tags: gilmore, rory, coffee, lorelai-gilmore, wwlgd

Tags: funny, coffee-in-an-iv, coffee, loreilai, loreilai-gilmore

Tags: gilmore, rory, coffee, luke, logan-huntzberger

Tags: new, jess, logan, luke, hollow


You're the Lorelai to my Rory | Fall Circle

Tags: autumn, lorelai, rory, youre-the-lorelai-to-my-rory, fall


You're the Lorelai to my Sookie

Tags: gilmore, youre-the-lorelai-to-my-sookie, sookie, lorelai


You're the Rory to my Lorelai

Tags: gilmore, rory, lorelai, youre-the-rory-to-my-lorelai


This classic quote by Richard Gilmore from Gilmore Girls is empowering and should be a mantra for all women! What she tackles, she conquers! Girl power all the way.

Tags: girl, equality, equal-rights, women, feminist


In omnia paratus - ready for anyting

Tags: in-omnia-paratus, life-and-death-brigade, rory-gilmore, gilmore-girls-quotes, logan-huntzberger

In Omnia Paratus Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by StarsHollowMercantile

Hang out in Sophie's Music and listen to Lane rock out on the drums (quietly) or to Zack strum the banjo. Who doesn't love life in Stars Hollow?

Tags: carol-king, stars-hollow, sophies-music, lane-kim, gilmore-girls-fan


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