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Go Kart Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Go Kart Champ Racer Super Speed Kart Racer Club 93 If you love this design click our brand name above view all of our retro vintage designs for sale. Click the add to cart button above to purchase this shirt today!retro, vintage, distressed, t-shirt,

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Great gift for the go kart driver, fan, mechanic, spectator, go cart person that loves to race! Featuring a high speed go kart machine and driver with colorful checkered flag background. Life is a game, racing is serious!

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Mario Kart Jam

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Perfect for go kart owners, racers and mechanics. This go kart clutch is wearing out from high speed kart racing! Featuring a go kart driver racing his high speed go kart vehicle. Background grunge with go kart race track. KART RACING text. Great for go kart racers, go cart fans and supporters.

Tags: kart, cart, karting, carting, go-cart


Kart Racing

Tags: speed, car, super-speed, championship, racer

Go Kart Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by PaunLiviu
$24 $18

we have all played mario kart on all consoles, and there is nothing we all hate more then getting things stuck on you to slow down, ink on the screen or the dreaded blue shell. trust me i understand your pain and this design represents it. also this was really fun to draw. enjoy!

Tags: illustration, mario, super-mario-brothers, super-mario-kart, mariokart8


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