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Graphic Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


It's me from RebelTaxi

Tags: neon, rebel-taxi, pan-pizza, rebeltaxi


Nice and minimalist graphic of everyone's favorite mass murderer from the CreepyPasta series "Design!" Now with extra Left Hand Parasites! (Note: clothing will not redirect bullets). Art by Katie Hood

Tags: liam vickers, left hand parasite, kali, kali aimes, creepypasta


Iron And Wine Song

Tags: illustration, life, history, green, leaf


Large chest sized cursive design

Tags: art, illustration, artsy, design, graphic-design


an illustration of Coldplay's song, Fix You.

Tags: design, coldplay, blue, hug, pattern

hug Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by artofiwan

ornate samurai helmet with skull and arrows

Tags: evil, fearsome, symbol, bushido, attack

Tags: secret, crypt, tech, social, code

Tags: dream, dreams, typography, quote, typographic


Retro Red Polynesian Floral Mandala Pattern. For more designs, products and special announcements checkout http://linktr.ee/ayeletfleming

Tags: flower, pattern, tribal, art, funky


How some fans think Supernatural should end; with Sam and Dean going out in a hail of bullets. This is my homage to Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Of course, Sam is Sundance. This was my original hope for the show's ending, mostly because I love tragic dramas and Supernatural is nothing if not a tragic drama; but then Jared Padalecki told me my painting "Impala Nights" (see my shop for that design) gave him hope for a better ending for the boys. You decide. I think I'm still torn.

Tags: blaze-of-glory, sam-and-dean, winchester-brothers, shootout, gunfire


Just a Snake.

Tags: fun, illustration, kids

Cobra Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by OmniscientArt

Tags: art, mask, lucha, lucha-libre, wrestling


Among video arcade collectors, there is often a desire to play a classic game on original hardware and the original cabinet. Playing on a MAME cabinet made in a garage just doesn't have the same feel. If that is you then this T-Shirt is for you! Looks great on any light-color.

Tags: 1980s, vintage, 80s, retro, classic


My illustration is an ommage for the song "Safari" of the italian singer Jovanotti.

Tags: papillon, elegant, giraffe, elephant, tiger

Tags: ornamental, dragonball, hipster, tattoo, ink

Tags: cartoons, cartoon, banksy-syle, banksy, brian-griffin

Tags: art, red, yellow, day, hand-drawn

Tags: illustration, art, artwork, graphic-design


Based off lyrics from "Venus" By Lady Gaga I give you my "Cosmic Lover" collection! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as it do!

Tags: class, sticker, lady-gaga, ball, stars



Tags: digital, fun, illustration, graphic-design, graphic-weasel

Graphic Weasel Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by raymondsylvester

Summer grasses.

Tags: clover, green, circle, art, plant

Tags: criss-cross, cross, ex, x

Tags: batman, logo, bat, man, batsignal


Fanart of one of the coolest and classic summons in final fantasy.

Tags: ifrit, final, fantasy, final-fantasy-7, final-fantasy-vii


He is a blob of pink fun! He will melt your heart and squeeze into your arms. He loves to cuddle and will be the warm fuzzy part by your heart. He loves you!

Tags: anime, blob, pink, melt, heart

Goop Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by bearbearfruit8

Tags: blue, pattern, design, kaleidoscope, colorful

Tags: illustration, art, graphic-design, digital, modern

Spicy Chili Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by amyarnolddesigns

1. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Esp. I context of contest or display of skill such as sexual advances or going into battle. 2. Good luck fetish / charm to bolster confidence. 3. ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude

Tags: art, pixel, mojo, mask, green


Graphic gasman because sometimes graphics need some colour

Tags: cool, colour, stereoscopic, graphics, ink


Snake cartoon character expression, cute and funny

Tags: comic, snake, animal, reptile, reptilian


The best dragon of childhood gamers!

Tags: spyro, dragon, dragons, fantasy, playstation


Graphic illustration design, digitally created using vector and pixel based applications, enhanced with graphic, typographic and artistic methods by Gary Grayson from Arlington, Texas.

Tags: typography, design, artistic, vector, illustration

No Man Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by GraysonDesign

Caballito de Mar - Sea Horse

Tags: decorative, sea-creature, argentina, lunalunera luna lunera, playa


Yellow pencil pattern on blue.

Tags: hand-drawn, evannave, illustrated, illustration, design


Wear your emotions, as your personal weather report

Tags: deadpool, illustraion, graphic-design, design, humorous


Eating bugs funny monster

Tags: illustration, drawing, vector, bee, mouth


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