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Gravity Daze Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: sun, sunset, rainbow, colorful, vector

SUNDAZE Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by j3productions

Design inspired in Gravity Rush cel-shading next gen video game.

Tags: art, ps-vita, playstation-4, gravity-daze, gravity-rush-2


Fan art of Gravity Rush cel-shading next gen video game.

Tags: ps-vita, playstation-4, gravity-daze, gravity-rush-2, video-game


Design inspired in Raven from Gravity Rush.

Tags: art, crow, comic, newt, echo

Tags: bill-cipher, mabel-pines, dipper-pines

Tags: waddles, falls, gravity, gruncle-stan, dipper-pines


I used Illustrator and Photoshop for this one, I made the japanese characters in the back myself and they mean "Gravity" and it's pronounced "Jūryoku". Hope you guys like it :D (And as I always say, if you wanna see any change on the design, a different color or anything else, just tell me and I will do it)

Tags: cat, book, sticker, merchandise, merchandising

Tags: gravity, mabel-pines, dipper-pines, dipper, mabel


When conducting experiments, always remember to use the correct scientific safety apparatus, such as football helmets.

Tags: catapult, 80s, 70s, funny, vintage


The infamous wheel of Bill Cipher. Appearing in the cartoon ‘’Gravity Falls.’’ He is watching you.

Tags: graphics, illustration, mabel, dipper, soos


Bill Cipher of Gravity Falls

Tags: all-seeing-eye, bill-cipher, cartoon, illuminati, beware


Camp Gravity Falls – A Summer of Mystery – Oregon, USA. Inspired by the 2012- animated television series “Gravity Falls”. Please note that the print is deliberately distressed to give an aged, retro appearance.

Tags: gravity-falls, kids-show, kids, mysterious, falls

Tags: dipper-pines, mabel-pines, soos, dipper, mabel

Tags: gravity, gravity falls, falls, star, shooting-star


Well, do you like these two tv shows? I made a crossover between them. They'd be explosive togheter!!!

Tags: gravity-falls, disney-toon, the-doctor, sci-fi, sonic-screwdriver


What if the Doctor had to go and investigate all the anomalies going on at Gravity Falls?! But lucky for the Doctor the mystery twins are the 1st ones to find him.

Tags: doctor-who-shirt, crossover, tardis-shirt, tardis, the-doctor


You can see it all through a Pine's point of view...haha

Tags: dipper-pines, disney, stan, mabel-pines, mystery-shack


A whirlpool of blue, peach, with red, purple and green accents. Digital abstract.


GRAVITY ARTWORK BY MISKEL www.miskeldesign.com

Tags: skulls, death, rap, hip-hop, fresh


Design inspired by a sequence in the movie "Gravity" directed by Alfonso Cuaron

Tags: sandra-bullock, gravity

Tags: mabel, dipper, weirdmageddon, bill-cipher, cipher

Tags: wicked-musical, wicked-witch, elphaba, broadway, oz

Tags: gravity-falls, pink, disney, funny


Motorcycle track Day

Tags: motorbikes, motorcycles, motorcycleclub, superbike, motorfest



Tags: blue, hands, sky, cloud, minimalist

Rainy Daze Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Mikesgarbageart

Tags: rock, dread-daze, music, band, musician


Popular line from the Broadway smash hit musical "Wicked"

Tags: lyrics, witches, glinda, flying-monkey, wicked-witch-of-the-west


The game features the player as a schoolboy named Eric, with the objective of stealing his report card out of the staff room safe by accomplishing various tasks around the school. The computer controls all the other characters in the game, including the headmaster, other teachers and other pupils

Tags: skooldaze, spectrum, speccy, top-selling, zx-spectrum

Tags: video-games, 8-bit, gruncle-stan, dipper-pines, wendy-corduroy


The WHAT? weather vane that sits atop the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls.

Tags: tv-shows, mabel, mabel-pines, disney-xd, mystery-shack


May the mistery be with you

Tags: mistery-shack, art, fanart, mistery, mistery-twins

Gravity Wars Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by TeeAgromenaguer

Based off of the great show, this shirt is a fun way to show the world your love for Gravity Falls!

Tags: mabel-sw, dipper, mabel, waddles, gravity-falls

Gravity Falls Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by guestfama14kihfuelgj6cd9j

Gravity Brings Me Down T-Shirt. Funny Space Science Joke Shirt for Astronomers, space fanatics and science fans everywhere. Original Gravity Brings Me Down Shirt Design featuring planets, stars and moon artwork.

Tags: gravity-brings-me-down, gravity, gravitys-bringing-us-down, depressed, nihilist

Tags: jotaro-kujo, star-platinum, joestar, joseph, josuke


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