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Imouto Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: gamer, slacker, sleepy, fat, junkfood

Tags: anime, guardian, mashup, traveler, ghost


Hold your very own Himouto.

Tags: anime, manga, himouto, umaru-chan, pocket


A high-res, reconstruction of the Café Stile logo. This one is based off the more colorful version from the show's intro.

Tags: mafuyu-hoshikawa, kaho-hinata, hideri-kanzaki, miu-amano, imouto


A high-res, reconstruction of the Café Stile sign as depicted within the show (rather than on the title screen), Blend-S.

Tags: tsundere, sadistic, oneesan, imouto, maika-sakuranomiya


No Game No Life? More like No Wife No Life. Proudly display this design as you carry your waifu in your heart! <3 For a cheeky version of this design, go here:

Tags: no, game, life, wife, laifu


Our favorite dandere masquerades as our favorite Japanese mascot in this kawaii design.

Tags: cat, konnichiwa, gato, black, kitty


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