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Injection Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Nurses do a great job! Are you a nurse? We got this design for you. Tip: We also recommend it as a present or a gift for our "angels in white". Have fun!

Tags: heroin, droge, drogen, sucht, junkie


It's your choice shirt

Tags: bodybuilder, body-building, weights, exercise, operation


"West's sole absorbing interest was a secret study of the phenomena of life and its cessation, leading toward the reanimation of the dead through injections of an excitant solution" This vintage horror comic, features 'Reanimator'. This is based off of the film Reanimator, which was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's 'Herbert West - Reanimator'.

Tags: reanimator, gripping, murder, chemical, horror


Love them. Protect them. Never inject them. Learn the facts before getting vaccinations for your child.

Tags: disease, gift, doctor, anti-government, injection


Afraid of syringes? No panic! A nurse knows her job! Fun-Shirt, also cool as a present or a gift.

Tags: serum, lsd, heroin, drug, addiction

Tags: blood-donation, drawing, blood, red, painting


Skyline SHCC Holiday party 2016

Tags: health-care, healthcare, occupation, professionals, doctor-series


Nice People Take Drugs

Tags: cannabis, stigma, drugs, pot, drug-user

Tags: sqli, sql, injection, database, hack


To Vaccinate or NOT to Vaccinate? A question that puts parents in such angst and frustration. Here is a T-shirt geared to encouraging research and investigation. May the discourse be civil as one thing is we all have in common is for this next generation to be healthy.

Tags: vaccine, vaccines, vaccinate, vaccination, injection


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