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Kanji Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: kawaii, japanese, japan, nihongo, nihon

Tags: phrase, nihongo, nihon, kawaii, japanese


japanese kanji letter for fire.

Tags: art, china, ember, asian, calligraphy

Fire Kanji Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by elangkarosingo

It's Too Dangerous!

Tags: japanese, band, kawaii, animal, comics


Tsundere japanesse katakana

Tags: weeaboo, weeboo, anime-style, anime-girls, anime-characters


Family in japanese.

Tags: cool, wordings, inspire, designs, inspirational


Hujun (Impurity)

Tags: humor, kawaii, japan, japanese, kanji-art


In space no one can hear you scream...

Tags: alien, isolation, aliens, ripley, ufo

In Space... Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by JacobCharlesDietz

Tags: japanese-symbol, japanese, japan


This meas... A cloud going the sky and the water which flow. The example of I am serene and entrust the course of nature without deeply attaching to things, and acting.

Tags: japanese, vector, art, graffiti, street


Hira-Shain means "an employee with no title".

Tags: rock, band, quotes, horror, fantasy


Honpou ga sugiru. (This is too wild.)

Tags: vintage, quotes, humor, retro, japan


Happiness Kanji

Tags: kawaii, japan, happiness, happy, japanese



Tags: mt-fuji, kanji-art, mount-fuji, fuji, mountain

Tags: japanese, nihongo, nihon


A fraudulent landbroker is referred to as zimenshi in Japan.

Tags: japan, japanimation, tokyo, kawaii, manga


Bravery Kanji Graffiti

Tags: bravery, painting, messy, japan, japanese


I want to be called scoundrel.

Tags: vintage, horror, retro, comics, movie

Tags: japanese, nihongo, nihon, katakana

Tags: japanese, nihon, nihongo


Color to your life. This means, Various flowers will bloom in bloom. Turning out, many outstanding figures appeared, and a number of excellent achievements appear at a time.

Tags: japanese, art, graffiti, ginkgo, chrysanthemum


It was popular in urban areas such as Edo and Kyoto. Those who like runaways, run gaudyly, and run into actions that deviate from common sense.

Tags: kabuki, typograph, streetstyle, graffiti-character, typography


Godzilla is the undisputed King of the Monsters and this shirt celebrates his (her?) reign. Taking a menacing stance in front of a small section of Tokyo, Godzilla asserts his dominance over the world. This version of the King of the Monsters shirt features a nice fade and distressed treatment to give it some vintage cred.

Tags: kaiju, gojira, mothra, godzilla, pacific-rim


Tegee, a word from the Miyazaki dialect, refers to ‘very.’

Tags: japanese, phrase, nihongo, nihon

Tags: coolest, phrase, nihongo, nihon, hiragana


Chaunka, a word from the Kansai dialect, refers to ‘isn’t it?.’

Tags: japanese, nihongo, nihon, hiragana


Shanai NEET (person who is employed but has nothing to do at their company)

Tags: japanese, manga, japan, gaming, humor


This Kumamon (くまモン) design is based on Japanese food packaging for 'sprinkled eggs' and includes the bear himself enjoying a bowl with chopsticks. The design features a vintage style treatment to give it a realistic look almost like you picked it up in Tokyo back in the day. がんばろう!

Tags: cyberpunk, kumamon, hong-kong, tokyo, blade-runner

Tags: phrase, nihongo, nihon

Tags: hieroglyph, textart, japanese, japan, inspiration

Tags: kawaii, japanese, phrase, nihongo, nihon

Tags: typography, type, kawaii, word, japanese


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