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Kryptonite Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


You are my Kryptonite...

Tags: comic, weakness, green, superman

Tags: superman, justice-league, man-of-sl, clark-kent, dc-universe


The truth is always hard to believe...

Tags: comic, superman, parody, funny, comics


Beautiful design I made of Kryptonite stone with a real kryptonian font ! the text in kryptonian menas -"kryptonite".

Tags: superheroes, clark-kent, kryptonian, krypton, supergirl


Tell me, do you bleed?

Tags: batman-v-superman, dark-knight, batman-comics, batman-symbol, gotham

Tags: slap, justice-league, dccomics, dc-comic, dc-universe


Clothing choice of the ruling class of Asgard.

Tags: norse-mythology, movies, marvel, thor


How the Bat wins: Kryptonite Cake.

Tags: cat, batman

Tags: batman, batman-and-robin, dc-comics, batman-shirt, superman

Tags: smallville, jor-el, general-zod, zod, metropolis

Tags: justice-league, superman-vs-batman, superman-v-batman, zod, superman-logo

Tags: superman, kryptonite, clark-kent, will-smith, comedy


flying super hero

Tags: superhero, comic, superheroes

Tags: batman, dark-knight, the-dark-knight

Tags: superheros, super-hero, superhero, superheroes, butts

Tags: superheros, super-hero, supernatural, superhero, superheroes

Tags: super-heros, super-hero, superheros, superhero, superheroes

Tags: superheros, super-hero, superhero, superheroes


You need to pick up your Planet Krypton shirt when dining at the Mall of America. This is a unique take on the design!

Tags: metropolis, superman, dc, universe, comics

Tags: cop, batman-vs-superman, dark-knight, dawn of justice, batman-v-superman

Tags: poisonivy, sketch, avengers, barryallen, comicart

Tags: wolverine, iron-man, captain-america, hulk, thor

Tags: justice-league, superman-vs-batman, superman-v-batman, zod, superman-logo

Tags: superman-vs-batman, superman-v-batman, classic-batman, t-shirt-batman, superman


Godzilla vs Rogue Titan!

Tags: pacific-rim, kaiju, japan, manga, anime


Inspired by Superman, and more specifically the television series Smallville

Tags: metropolis, luthor, lex, superman

Lex Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Pixhunter

Tags: wonder-woman, clark-kent, the-flash, justice-league, man-of-sl


Superman vs Batman planet

Tags: clarck, dark knight, clrack, daily planet, planet

Tags: superman, clark-kent, man-of-steel, lois-lane, lex-luthor


Batman is coming!!!

Tags: obey, batman suite, dawn of justice, batman vs superma, batman


I guess Superman is more about enjoying the game in this piece, while Batman is just as always..intense.

Tags: dc, dc universe, gamers, man of steel, dark-knight


The Luthor Empire

Tags: clark-kent, lois-lane, metropolis, lexcorp, man-of-steel


A riveting Krypton design. Krypton (from Greek: kryptos 'the hidden one') is a chemical element with symbol Kr and atomic number 36. It is a member of group 18 (noble gases) elements. A colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, krypton occurs in trace amounts in the atmosphere and is often used with other rare gases in fluorescent lamps. Brought to you by Periodic-Tees.com

Tags: engineer, humor, kr, element, elements


Superheros Unite


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