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Litany Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: bene-gesserit, quote, kwisatz-haderach, litany, frank-herbert

Tags: litany, hate, wh40000, wh40k, warhammer-40k


Always remember the Litany. You will do some stuff. And you will see some stuff. You will make mistakes and be challenged and take risks and you will feel the sting of fright. And when you do, take note, be cautious, and then face your fear and let it pass over you and through you. Eventually you'll get good at it and become a better version of yourself. But even then, and now, and always, remember the Litany. Always remember the Litany because it's there for you.

Tags: books, literature, frank, herbert, dune

Tags: benegesserit, kwisatzhaderach, mind-killer, pepper, kwisatz-haderach


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