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Monster Under The Bed Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Link, the last hero under the sun. TeePublic EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Tags: teepublic, hyrule, video-games, ocarina-of-time, triforce


Take a vacation to Monster Island!

Tags: monster-island, vacation, godzilla, mothra, kaiju


Don't worry! Teddy will save you!

Tags: monster, creature, scary, creepy, halloweenshirt


The Strongest Members of the Straw Hat Pirates

Tags: monkey-d-luffy, luffy, straw-hat-pirates, roronoa-zoro, zoro


Hope you like it!

Tags: moon, gotham, harley-quinn, joker

Tags: science fiction, syfy, 80s, nostagia, scifi

Tags: geek, anime, gore-magala, hunter, monsterhunter


Cookie Monster

Tags: sesamestreet, cookiemonster, sesame-st, bert-and-ernie, ernie


Smash your opponents in style with shirt displaying 'Puff sleeping on the job (as usual)!

Tags: pokemon, jigglypuff, puff, rest, funny


The mind flayer, shadow monster from the Upside Down as sketched by Will Byers in Stranger Things 2

Tags: will-byers, halloween, mind-flayer, shadow-monster, monster

Tags: princess, part-of-your-world, under-the-sea, walt-disney, disney-princess


She is just a small girl, but has no fear of capture. She has a Big Daddy down with her in Rapture.

Tags: dr-seuss, mashup, gamer, under-the-sea-with-mister-b, mister-big


In Norse mythology, there lived a great beast. A wolf, but not just any wolf. This wolf is the son of Loki (how a humanoid fathers a wolf I surely don't know, but it's mythology so we won't overthink it) and the father of ALL wolves. The legend of Fenrir has many interesting stories attached to it, but perhaps the most well known is how Fenrir came to bite off the hand of the Nordic god, Týr (from whom we get "Týrsday, or Tuesday as it is now known). Týr was brave enough to place his hand INSIDE the mouth of Fenrir while the other Nordic god's bound Fenrir with a magical ribbon made by the dwarves. Fenrir, who was able to break every other chain up until the magical dwarf ribbon was unable to free himself, and bit off Týr's hand in a rage! Týr is now most commonly depicted as missing a hand. Fenrir will remain bound by the magical dwarf ribbon seething, his anger growing, until Ragnarök (the Nordic version of the Armageddon and end of days). At which point he will break free and swallow Odin, the god of gods, WHOLE (bad wolf! No treat for you)! This symbol has been interpreted as the idea of darkness taking over the light. The design depicts this monstrous canine of Northern European lore in a classic Nordic style with knots and patterns everywhere, but with a contemporary twist. The colors are distressed to give an aged appearance almost as if it's a gold or bronze artifact that was dug out of a Scandinavian chieftain's burial mound. The runes at the bottom of the design say "Fenrir".

Tags: norse, fenrir, wolf, norse-mythology, wolves

Tags: blue-bird, nissan, dime, big-daddy-roth, rat-fink

Tags: animation, quest, classic, vintage, retro


Godzilla faces his greatest foe yet in the form of The Immortal Smog Monster, Hedorah! Our exclusive artwork tee is based on the classic poster from the original 1971 Japanese release, and happens to look phenomenal on a shirt. Get yours now!

Tags: kaiju, gojira, pacific-rim, smog-monster, jaeger


Universal Monster Gang

Tags: monsters, scary, the-mummy, werewolf, wolfman


"Under The Bed" from a series of monster illustrations I've done.

Tags: necronomicon, tentacle, tentacles, call-of-cthulhu, hp-lovecraft

Under The Bed Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by TentaclesAndTeeth

Have you ever been alone in your room and felt as if something was behind your back or under your bed?

Tags: night, dream, kids, children, child


There's a monster under your bed. He's a cutie.

Tags: cute, cartoon, hiding


We're not so different.

Tags: skeleton, skull, rainbow, gay, lgbt


All of their dreams, all of their vows... united unter the same flag!

Tags: jollyroger, jolly-roger, japanese, manga, anime


Creeping me out.

Tags: craft, mine, mine-craft, creeper

Tags: monsters, monsters-inc, monsters-university, sully, mike-wazowski


Collab between Tony Centeno and Nasken

Tags: art, design, christmas, halloween, birthday


Universal Monsters of Rock. Classic Karloff Frankenstein monster in KISS makeup.

Tags: movie, frankenstein, frankie, monster, universal-monsters

Tags: sesame-street, cookie-monster, classic-movies, 90s-movies, digitral-illustration

Tags: capcom, blademaster, rathalos, felyne, monster-hunter


Minion Gifts Under The Christmas Tree

Tags: gift, xmas-sweater, ugly-christmas-sweater, despicable-me, gru



Tags: funny-shirt, cute, parody, movie-parody, film-parody


Somewhere out in space live the Herculoids: Zok the laser-ray dragon, Igoo the giant rock ape, Tundro the tremendous. and Gloop and Gleep, the formless, fearless wonders! With human friends Zandor, Tara, and Dorno, they protect their planet Quasar from sinister invaders! All-strong! All-brave! All-heroes! These are the Herculoids!


Up from the depths, 30 stories high, breathes fire, his head in the sky! It's Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla! And Godzooky. Join the fearless crew of the research vessel Calico and sail away to encounter epic adventure on a monstrous scale...

Tags: television, dinosaurs, nostalgic, saturday-morning, 80s



Tags: sesame-street, cookie-monster-design


The Cuddly Defenders Forrest & Scout - Huntin' Monsters Under the Bed. From the Teddy Bear Adventure comic; Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders

Tags: defenders, scout, forrest, teddy, ted


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