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Ninjaink Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


"Starkiller" is the twenty-fourth JB-007 film, produced by Parsec Productions. The film features trooper JB-007 as he infiltrates the mysterious base known as "Starkiller", which was last seen in the film "Kyber Crystals are Forever."

Tags: parody, starkiller, 007, spectre, james-bond

Tags: ninjaink, metroid-mashup, mashups, cmm, mashup


"Satisfaction with your care is the right of all sentient beings!"

Tags: mashup, parody, humor, hiro-hamada, hamada

Tags: cmm, bulma, manga, akira-mashup, breaking-bad


Camping is fun, but can you survive 5 nights with these furry folk singers?

Tags: chica, bonnie, foxy, freddy, chicken


The Mightiest Monster...

Tags: jaws-mashup, jaws-parody, kaiju, jaws, mashup


It's a duel to the DEATH as our heroine finds herself confronted on the battleworld of Zebes!

Tags: comics, mother-brain, ninjaink, secret-wars, n64


Adventures in Sidekick-Sitting (also known as “A Dark Knight on the Town” in certain countries) is a 1987 American superhero comedy film. Although it is set in Narrows and Gotham, with much of the action taking place in the city itself, the movie was filmed primarily in Metropolis. The film revolves around Babs Gordon being entrusted to the care of a millionaire’s adopted sons and ward and the misadventures that occur along the way. Apologies to the amazing Drew Struzan, who definitely inspired this work!

Tags: comic, batman, ninjaink, pocket, adventures-in-babysitting

Tags: kawaii, cmm, ninjaink, bunny-apparel, nunny

Tags: ninjaink, ninja-turtles, tmant, king-of-the-hill-apparel, king-of-the-hill-mashup

Tags: ninjaink, akira-toriyama, jesse-pinkman, walter-white, toriyama


The King will rise

Tags: ninjaink, massive-unidentified-terrestrial-organism, janjira, monarch-group, for-monarch-eyes-only


Deep in the moon of Endor wood, the Rebel Alliance waits: You'll find the lovely Bright Tree Village of Threepio's godlike play: A robot named R2 is his friend and Baga the little Bordok: There's Chirpa and Paploo and there's Treek, but most of all Wicket the 'Wok.

Tags: storm-trooper, princess-leia, ninjaink, hobbes, calvin


With ultra-sonic hearing, stupendous man notices a cry of distress from a distant alleyway!

Tags: comics, bill-watterson, susie, discover, newspaper


Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Tags: edward-wong-hau-pepelu-tivrusky-iv, jet-black, faye-valentine, spike-spiegel, cowboy-bebop


Préparez-vous à des ennuis! Meow.

Tags: prepare-for-trouble, pokemon-white, pokemon-diamond, meowth, pikachu


If you want to get your mission completed, be sure to go with the firepower that only a cannon strike can offer!

Tags: girl, art, world-war-ii, bomber, wwii


It's not the armor that makes the hero, but the woman inside.

Tags: avengers, n64, tony-stark, videogames, ninjaink

Tags: ninjaink, sailor-saturn, sailor-neptune, sailor-senshi, tsukino-usagi


Elsa Metroid

Tags: cmm, ninjaink, winter, princess-anna, n64


Donald Thump, billionaire hutch mogul, is running for president. He promises to build a much taller cage and to be the best jobs bunny that El-ahrairah ever created.

Tags: donald-tru, donald, donaldtrump, donald-th, donaldthump

Tags: i-am-the-one-who-knocks, better-call-saul, cmm, ninjaink, breaking-bad


If you're gonna survive an undertaking, it helps to have a good partner -- preferably a fashionably dressed geek gal who will NOT fail the city!

Tags: arrow, girl, agent-carter, vintage, parody

Tags: movie, jason-apparel, jaws-apparel, jaws-mashup, jason-mashup


Neighborhood Watchmen

Tags: mashups, king-of-the-hill-mashup, dr-manhattan, rorschach, bobby-hill


Samus, Bad A$$, Maiden

Tags: nintendo, music, 99pi, supernintendo, pocketnintendo


It's-a-Me that knocks

Tags: ninjaink, heisenberg-air, super-heisenberg, walterwhite, meth


I have a particular set of skills....

Tags: ninjaink, retro-gamer, gamer-apparel, hardcore-gamer, gamer


Amid the chaos -- there comes A SUIT -- !

Tags: samus-aran, super-metroid, metroid-prime, n64, ocarina-of-time


Don't mess with this one unless you want to end up a Jill-sandwich.

Tags: art, parody, ninjaink, world-war-2, ww2


He’s just a little bit of a fixer-upper… or should I say, a “freezer” upper?

Tags: ninjaink, frozen-heart, the-joker, disney-princess, animation


Hi! We’re Murdock and Nelson. Did you know that you have rights? It’s in the Constitution. So when supervillains come after you, come to us! Justice is blind: and so is he! BETTER CALL MURDOCK!

Tags: lawyers, law-offices, blue-meth, bulls-eye, dc-mashup

Tags: cmm, ninjaink, friday-the-13th-mashup, king-of-the-hill-mashup, king-of-the-hill


As the bayou gets some ooze for free, Mutants rampage for a feasting spree! Reporters call on their allies to rescue them from gator-guys! The Green Machine comes out to pulverize!

Tags: ninjaink, cmm, master-splinter, walt-disney-world, michelangelo

Tags: spike, bounty-hunter, drew-wise, swordfish, cowboy

Tags: horror, shadow-bonnie, toy-bonnie, endoskeleton, toy-chica


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