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Philips Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: geek, cassette, will, survive, survival

Tags: funny, song, humour, cassette, joke


The perfect apparel for gangbangin’ with bigfoot

Tags: vice-city, grand-theft-auto-iv, gta-v, cluckin-bell, burger-shot


Philips CD-I Logo

Tags: logo, video-game-consoles, console, video-games, gaming

Tags: gamer, videogames, grand-theft-auto-v, grand-theft-auto-5, video-game

Tags: tulapara, notsram, overwatch, the-last-of-us, anime


This is my digital drawing of the music cassette, a big percentage of us grew up relying on these and would never have guessed it would be replaced by a round cd disc that stores our favorite tracks each listened to by the click of a button. Those crazy and frustrating times are gone when we pressed the forward wind button only to find it had wound passed the track we wanted to hear then rewinding numerous times in hope to get to the start of our best song. So..... annoying or not, we did rely on them and i drew this to celebrate just that.

Tags: vintage, music, mix-tape, digital-drawing, magnetic-tape

Tags: ho-ch, grand-theft-auto, grand-theft-auto-5, grand-theft-auto-v, gta5


Stand And Deliver Pop Art

Tags: hollywood, rosanna-desoto, lou-diamond-philips, stand-and-deliver, andy-garcia


Live Laugh Love / Eat Shit Die

Tags: trevor-philips, grand-theft-auto-v, live-laugh-love, quote, grand-theft-auto

Tags: horse, moon, overwatch, the-last-of-us, anime

Tags: universe, red-dead-redemption, big-foot, big, foot

Tags: cryptozoology, legend, myths, myth, auto

Tags: galaxy, moon, space, overwatch, the-last-of-us


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