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Pom Poko Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: funny, chibi, cute, pom, pomeranian


A super cute Pomeranian with a little pom-pom on her ear!

Tags: cute-animals, animals, pastel, pommy, dog

Tags: animal, fluffy, pom, pom-pom, i-love-dogs


Kiwis in Oz have been labelled South Sea Poms. A survey has shown them to be Australia's unhappiest migrants. Some reasons for feeling this way were, being dissatisfied with their financial situation, feeling discriminated against, not feeling safe. New Zealanders in Australia pay tax but are not entitled to benefits etc when they lose their jobs. As Aussies economy slides, more and more people are hurting. Of course many Kiwi's love Australia too. It is a fantastic country. This design features a black Kiwi with the text "South Sea Pom" written in ripped paper style text. POM refers to "Prisoner of Mother England" and is used to refer to English people in NZ and Australia.

Tags: carping, moaning, complaining, new zelanders, new zealand birds


Cute Moogles in all shapes and sizes! :3 I tried to gather them from as many different games as possible!

Tags: final-fantasy-12, final-fantasy-11, final-fantasy-10, final-fantasy-9, final-fantasy-8



Tags: comic, cute, puppy, funny, pet


The First Orders propaganda machine knows no bounds.

Tags: pom, force awakens, star wars


Keep calm and hug a pom!

Tags: dog, keep calm, pomeranian


If you have and are a Pom Pomeranian Mom.

Tags: pom-poms, pomeranian-moms, cute, dog, pomeranian


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