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Pop Surrealism Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: art, ruta, ruta13-art, disappear, disappearance


Get out there and go explore the great wild Weirdness!!! Original artwork created by Sopinsky

Tags: art, explore, explorer, black-and-white, expand-your-mind


Digital Painting of my Little lady "Celeste"

Tags: artistic, celeste, celestial, artistic shirt, artsy

Tags: scissors, territory, love, obsession, man

Tags: art, pop-surreal, surreal, red-eye, eye



Tags: surrealism, solid, surreal, pixelate, rubber ducky


8 x 12 Cut and Paste Collage with Digital Framing

Tags: colors, mixed-media, af-knott, genie, collage

Tags: dead, skulls, death, skull, ram

Tags: art, artsy-fartsy, popular, popart, beautiful-woman

Tags: surrealism, butterflies, wolf

howl Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by SeamlessOo

"Skart 4" original design by Christian Bernal

Tags: surrealism, surreal, christian bernal, art, nurse

Skart 4 Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by thechristianbernal

Tags: sad, acid, portrait, illustration, graphite-pencil-drawing


Vintage looking surreal collage with guns,sculls and flowers

Tags: brand, fancy, dream, fantasy, surreal

Tags: artsy, digital-collage, dream, art, illustration

Tags: art, botanical, flower, floral, wonder-woman


Digital Vintage Collage

Tags: couple, together, collageart, collage, vintage



Tags: art, artistic, illustration, design, cool

Tags: colorful, tattoo, hand, pop-surrealism, surrealism


Raining pink pipes

Tags: sunstreaker, vintage, pink, raining, pipes

Tags: cute-and-creepy, hearts, skeleton, roublerust, science-fiction

Tags: monsters, lowbrow, creature, trippy, illustration


I am a pop culture artist (mainly TV/Movie Icons from the 80s and 90s), so when I started doing digital art I painted several portraits to get the feel down for what I liked in the way of color, and texture before I started to really paint my main/favorite subject matter. One of my little experiments was this little girl, and I fell in love with her little face! She has become very popular! My little Gossamer Girl!

Tags: girl, cute, artsy, artistic, art


My surreal vision...

Tags: surrealism, surreal, the-fellowship-of-the-ring, legolas, bag-end


Vector drawing

Tags: surrealism, artist, tree, clocks, salvador-dali



Tags: design, original-art-work

Tags: constellation, stars, cows, zodiac, astrology

Tags: popular, woman-bird, woman-face, face, pretty-woman


One of my favourite quotes by the fabulously grim Wednesday Addams.

Tags: nerd, wednesday, wednesday-addams, addams-family, the-addams-family

Tags: nymph, fantasy, folk lore, forest, forest spirit


A surrealist piece, a seeing hand in red and blue

Tags: mystical, vector, eye, texture, drips

Tags: illustration, digital, surrealism

Tags: illustration, art, modern, decorative, grey


This composition is part of my "Subtle Geek" series, geek art that is classy and more focused on fine art than overwhelming obvious themes. It's a digital painting/composition featuring a older epic movie poster painting style real life animal character portraits inspired from the famous Nintendo game Star Fox.

Tags: star-fox, starfox, star, fox, foxes


the surreal sunset

Tags: surreal, triangles, the-lonely-mountain, mountains, sun

Sunset Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by gutsandglory

Tags: art, fantasy, cool, girl, goth


surreal depressive

Tags: surreal, ghost, ghostly, heavenly, lost-planet


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