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Retro Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


"You boys go outside and play with your knives!"

Tags: 70s, vintage, knife, kids-book, funny

Tags: rom, toy, robot, space-knight

Tags: shogun-warriors, mazinger, gaiking, raideen, dragun


- Mo-Morty, I dind't know that *burp* you know how to drive a boat, Morty! - B-but I don't know, Rick! Geez... we're going to crash! - Wubalubadubdub!!

Tags: rick-and-morty, adultswim, mickey-mouse, tv-shows, cartoon

Tags: hello-dum-dum, gazoo, flintstones, cartoon

Tags: captain-caveman, teen-angels, hanna-barbera, saturday-morning, cartoon


Boo from Super Mario World just as we like him and just in time for Halloween!

Tags: vintage, super, mario, world, boo

Tags: ninja-turtles, arcade, nintendo, video-games, donkey-kong


Kickin' it old school SFUSD. This was the gym uniform of San Francisco Public School District when I was a kid. Nostalgic, I decided to recreate it. I lovely matched the original font and arc of the type to bring back that SF locker room staple.

Tags: san-francisco

Tags: epcot, disney, wdw, broccoli, old-school-epcot


For people who love music as much as video games!

Tags: zelda, thelegendofzelda, the-legenda-of-zelda, link, wind-waker

Tags: hanna-barbera, cartoons, saturday-morning, animation


The Living Seas Retro Epcot

Tags: wdw, epcot, epcot-center, waltdisneyworld, living-seas

Tags: slush-puppie, puppy, drink, dog


While walking down the street to your favorite store, people fly past your face and smash into the building across the road. A villain steps from around the corner, turns, and catches your gaze. It lets out a great bellow of laughter and then enters way too far into your personal space. "I'm gonna drink your Fluids!", he roars in your face. Boy, his breath is bad, you think to yourself. And then you remember, it's coupon day at your store and this piece of trash is cutting in on your early bird specials. The breeze flips your cape around a bit and you brush a few drops of saliva off your new "Just Normal Punch" Tee shirt. You look him dead in the eyes and with a smirk on your face, say, "How about a nice One Punch."

Tags: one-punch, one-punch-man, onepunchman, anime, manga


It all started with a big Nut.

Tags: peanuts, big-bang-theory, the-big-bang-theory, classic

Tags: video-games, 8-bit, gruncle-stan, dipper-pines, wendy-corduroy


DX7 inspired colours

Tags: 80s, yamaha, synth, synthesiser, synthpop

Tags: wagon-wheel, timer, time-for-timer, psa, public-service-announcement


Snorlax just do it better.

Tags: gaming, pokemon, snorlax, sleep, sleeping


mega man re imagined in a steam punk style.

Tags: capcom, megaman, mega-man, rockman, steampunk

Tags: tv-shows, tv, parody, mashup, cartoons


oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! brains!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tags: zombicai, jerry-meehan, cartoons, mordecai, rigby


Minimalist Ganondorf

Tags: ganondorf, link, legendofzelda, ledgend-of-zelda, zelda

Tags: mens-synchronized-swimming, harry-shearer, martin-short, snl, saturday-night-live

Tags: warboys, mad-max, the-road-warrior, gasoline, valhalla


A little thing that means so much

Tags: 45, 45-rpm, vinyl, vinyl-record, record

Tags: pick-a-winner, green-guy, pick-nose


This was a fun retro design that I wanted to use limited, muted colors on. So I did. And here it is. Done. Buy it or some of my other tees.

Tags: nerd, bancroft, animation, futuristic, sexy


THUNDER... THUNDER... THUNDER....THUNDERCATS... HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! "Sight Beyond Sight" Thunder Cats Sight Beyond Sight Liono and Sword of Omens / Geekery / Gamer / Minimalistic / Nostalgia Poster by Tom Ryan's Studio Here we go again, being a child of the 1980's I have to say... we had the BEST TV Shows! With nostalgia in my blood lately fueling my inspiration. My new piece, "Sight Beyond Sight", showcases Liono using the Sword of Omens power to see things beyond his sight. For me, the ThunderCats tv show had it all, action, silly dialogue, awesome animation (for the time) and lets not for get that sword!!!I hope you enjoy it :)

Tags: thunder-cats, thundercats, liono, sword-of-omens, sight-beyond-sight


FIGURE.1 - ACHERONTIA ATROPOS a. have the lambs stopped screaming?

Tags: horror, the-silence-of-the-lambs, hannibal, hannibal-lecter, death-head-moth


Twister Skull

Tags: skull, skeleton, vintage

Tags: welcome-back-kotter, barbarino, horseshack, washington, epstein

Tags: gotham, gotham-city, batman, robin, batmobile


Celebrate 20 years of Pokemon with this Cinnabar Island Gym shirt, redesigned to Celebrate the occasion.

Tags: pokemon, cinnabar, cinnabarisland, video-games, gamer

Tags: chicago, bears, walter, payton, football


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